2017 Event Speakers Include:

Mohammad Zawwad

Mohammad Zawwad
Subject Matter Expert - Turnarounds
Saudi Aramco
Ed Feck

Ed Feck
Senior Turnaround Manager
Tesoro Corporation
Norman Edelman

Norman Edelman
Manager Turnarounds
Chris Vaughn

Chris Vaughn
Plant Manager
Kevin Strader

Kevin Strader
Petrochemicals Turnaround Assurance and Reliability Engineer
Gerard Pena

Gerard Pena
TAR Materials Management/Logistics Lead
Project Assurance
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2017 Sign Ups Include:

Phillips 66
Director, Maintenance and Turnaround
Phillips 66
Director of Reliability
Phillips 66
Operations & Maintenance Manager
Phillips 66
Shell Oil
Turnaround Coordinator
Shell Oil
Turnaround Specialist
Senior Project Controls Specialist
Turnaround Specialist
Turnaround Manager
Eastman Chemical
Director, Plant Maintenance
Eastman Chemical
Turnaround Coordinator
CITGO Petroleum
Sr. Instrument Supervisor Reliability
CITGO Petroleum
Chevron Phillips Chemical
Turnaround Coordinator
Chevron Phillips Chemical
Chevron Phillips Chemical
Procurement Specialist
Chevron Phillips Chemical
Valero Energy
Sr. Manager of Maintenance Services
Valero Energy
Axiall Corporation
Sr. Safety Engineer
Axiall Corporation
Turnaround Assurance & Reliability Engineer
Celanese Corporation
Site Maintenance Section Leader
Celanese Corporation
Group Head of Construction and Turnarounds
Turnaround Planning & Scheduling Lead
Site Lead - Contractors Management
Capital Projects & Turnaround Leader
Subject Matter Expert - Turnarounds
Director, Gulf Coast Operations
Saudi Aramco
Subject Matter Expert - Turnarounds
Saudi Aramco

2017 Featured Sessions:

We’re Doing a lot of Things Right in TA Execution, but Where is it Still Going Wrong?

Hear from seasoned turnaround leaders on where projects can go wrong, and the initiatives being rolled out to combat those challenges. With years of experience and hindsight to benefit from, learn how to optimize your turnarounds with insight in to:

  • Turnaround execution challenges and common failures
  • Plant-level initiatives to combat execution challenges – how these were defined, how they were implemented, what worked and what didn’t
  • How execution issues were rectified and overcome

Unlocking Big Savings in Turnaround Project Planning & Execution

A DuPont case study, providing lessons learned from numerous Unit Turnarounds and three Annual Site Turnarounds at the Axis Alabama US plant. Chris will share his experiences relating to:

  • Biggest challenges his team faced during TAR execution and the lessons learned that followed as a result
  • Improving transparency throughout TAR execution
  • Maintaining effective communication and alignment of all parties and resources

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Owner & Contractor

  • General and speciality contractor perspectives and successful case studies for internal turnaround team – contractor alignment
  • Contractor initiatives that are working and how you and your contractors can do the same
  • Devising tangible techniques for overcoming communication barriers
  • Establishing and managing deliverables on both sides to achieve clear project expectations

Planning for a Risk-Free Execution - Achieving Next Level TA Execution with Flawless Planning: Valero Lessons Learned

With 35+ years of experience in the downstream industry with Tesoro and Valero, and 10 years dedicated to Turnarounds, Norman will share his expertise and lessons learned to help owners develop flawless planning processes. Norman will also demonstrate how a watertight TA plan is crucial in mitigating risk and ensuring a smooth execution phase.

View the Full Agenda Here

Welcome to Shutdowns & Turnarounds Downstream 2017

With the U.S. energy industry as a whole becoming more cost driven, maintenance work, turnarounds and even discovery work are undergoing new pressures to not only deliver a quality projects on time, but also for less. Turnaround Managers and their teams are often working 12-hour days and weekends to get the job done safely and efficiently, and this level of activity doesn’t look like it will relent through 2018.

For 2017-2018 the focus for Turnaround Managers and their wider networks of staff, contractors and suppliers must be on confronting challenges in the execution phase, identifying the common failures and cost saving initiative, as well as balancing the growing focus on cost with safety, schedule and quality of the project.

The 2nd Shutdowns & Turnarounds Downstream event (as part of the wider DEC Conference & Exhibition) will provide Turnaround Leaders and their teams with more real time owner case studies than ever before, documenting the challenges faced by others. Receive crucial hindsight into project failures and successes that will guide project leaders towards future success. The event will bring together 300+ dedicated Turnaround Professionals from major owners, contractors and vendors to innovate, optimize and execute next level turnarounds.

Innovate, Optimize & Execute Next Level Turnarounds

  • Innovate: 300+ Turnaround Leaders, with forward thinking processes and pioneering technologies to share
  • Optimize: Cost and time saving strategies to optimize turnaround project success, shared by 40+ expert speakers
  • Execute: Address the failures and gather the tools to execute safe turnarounds, cost and resource efficiently
Reserve The 2017 Brochure Here

2016 Event Testimonials

  • Project-Assurance

    "With almost 90% of turnarounds failing to meet established goals, this conference will be crucial for turnaround teams looking for innovative strategies and devising best practices to consistently achieve pacesetter results and successful turnarounds. The quality of speakers is excellent and the content is fresh "

    - Bobby Singh, President, Project Assurance
  • Chevron

    "Sincere congratulations on such a successful event! The Conference was well organized, both logistically and from contents perspective. There was plenty of networking opportunity as well"

    - Chevron
  • The Dow Chemical Company

    "Good event for petrochemical suppliers and owners to learn about the current state of the industry and collaborate on best practices"

    - Dow Chemical
  • Fluor

    "This event allows individuals within the turnaround-shutdown industry to get together and share ideas to improve the market"

    - Fluor
  • KBR

    "Very well put together event with tangible topics in addition to a great platform to network outside of tight and busy schedules"

    - KBR

    "The GCST event was one of the best industry events I've attended this year. This was my first GCST event and I got a lot out of the interactive sessions and networking opportunities"

    - The Brock Group
  • Sarens

    "I was able to have more valuable discussions with quality persons in these 2 days of conference, than in the entire 1st and 2nd quarter of this year"

    - Sarens
  • United Association

    "First time attending. Great venue with very good participation from owners"

    - United Association
  • Dow Chemical

    "Good event for petrochemical suppliers and owners to learn about the current state of the industry and collaborate on best practices"

    - Dow Chemical
  • Airswift

    "It was the first time I had attended an event like this as I’d never seen the benefit to me. I had low expectation but am happy to eat my words. Relevant topics, fantastic sessions and an unrivaled list of industry names"

    - Airswift
  • Total Petrochemicals

    "Good overview of the current Construction market and its Challenges"

    - Total Petrochemicals
  • Chevron

    "Sincere congratulations on such a successful event! The Conference was well organized, both logistically and from contents perspective. There was plenty of networking opportunity as well"

    - Chevron
  • Brunel Energy

    "Great event and one of the best conferences that I have attended. This a great turn out and there were loads of decision makers in attendance"

    - Brunel Energy
  • Pot O Gold Waste Services

    "As an industrial supplier I cannot stress enough the value of being able to conveniently learn about the state of the oil and gas industry from leading experts and executives in the field. Nowhere else have I been able to meet as many knowledgable, warm and welcoming people in the oil and gas industry"

    - Pot O Gold Waste Services
  • Richard Industrial Group

    "I found the PEC 2016 event to be exciting and informative. It was encouraging to see the conference attendance (Clients, Contractors and Vendors) to be high"

    - Richard Industrial Group
  • Nexant

    "This event provided real insight into the challenges facing the USGC construction industry, provided by real participants in real projects. Provided excellent networking opportunities"

    - Nexant
  • Atlas RFID

    "The PetroChem staff was terrific. Willing to assist at every turn. These folks made things happen. Timing was spot on and the networking events did not disappoint"

    - Atlas RFID
  • Current Tools

    "Great Time to meet & greet; Great place to gather information & resources from the attendees"

    - Current Tools
  • Norton Engineering

    "I liked the content and format of the conference with concise presentations and networking opportunities. Will likely attend next year"

    - Norton Engineering
  • KBR

    "Very well put together event with tangible topics in addition to a great platform to network outside of tight and busy schedules"

    - KBR
  • IMS

    "The New Orleans PEC conference had a great agenda applicable to the current industry environment. Having Owners, Contractors, and Vendors in attendance allowed for positive networking and collaboration"

    - IMS
  • ShurLine

    "The Petrochemical conference gave me an opportunity to meet several different people; engineers, plant operators, other contractors, business owners and suppliers. All of these people have great information on the future of the construction and maintenance of the petro-chemical industry"

    - ShurLine
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo

    "This event was well organized and attended by very important and influential personnel from the petrochemical and refining industry. The event also provided a great opportunity for networking and to take the pulse of the industry"

    - MAN Diesel & Turbo
  • Anon

    "One of the best venues to be able to network with owners, suppliers, and contractors I have attended"

    - Anon
  • Helm AG

    "EC 2016 provided hands-on expertise out of ongoing projects that will allow owners and EPC's to adapt further to the challenging USGC project environment"

    - Helm AG
  • Lifting Gear Hire Corp

    "I was an exhibitor but the people we met were interested in our service and were there to learn, not just go thru the motions"

    - Lifting Gear Hire Corp
  • Roll Lift USA

    "I thought the conference was well attended and well organized. The speakers provided very good insight to the market forecast as well as hurdles on future projects"

    - Roll Lift USA
  • Coreworx

    "All in All, this event was structured in a very positive way for networking. I truly enjoyed the event and plan on attending and/or exhibiting next year. Through the networking portal plus conference, I was able to make the right connections and schedule several appointments along with numerous leads. Thank you"

    - Coreworx
  • Pathfinder

    "Good place for network. Contractors and Owner has the opportunity to discuss same conflicts from different perspectives"

    - company
  • Hilldale Services

    "A very beneficial experience, where various silo stakeholders were able to come together and discuss todays issues"

    - Hilldale Services
  • Ambitech

    "I enjoyed the conference very much. Speakers were good, exhibitors were very professional & helpful. I gained some good information on capital project execution in our industry"

    - Ambitech
  • Entergy

    "Good conference and networking opportunity"

    - Entergy
  • ShureLine Construction

    "The PEC conference provided an excellent opportunity to meet key players in the worldwide petrochemical market in a short period of time. The insights and contacts made at this show were very valuable"

    - ShureLine Construction
  • Hytech Plant Design

    "Very good conference. It met all my expectations. This is the place to go for Revamps and Turnaround experience, knowledge, and prospecting"

    - Hytech Plant Design
  • Genesis Technical Staffing

    "I felt the conference speakers and attendees were a perfect match. The overall feedback I got when networking was that it was definitely worth the time and expense. The conference was seen to be a value by everyone I spoke with. We will return next year and participate at a high level"

    - Genesis Technical Staffing
  • Techline Mfg

    "It was a great networking opportunity for TechLine Mfg. The conference provided a great forum for us to learn more about our industry and allowed us access to key decision makers"

    - Techline Mfg
  • Insight Wfp

    "The PEC conference provided a productive environment that allowed us to engage with the industry and explore current issues"

    - Insight Wfp
  • Gulf Publishing

    "PEC facilitated getting construction and consulting in good dialog with chaired panel sessions and in-depth analysis of data about project workforce"

    - Gulf Publishing
  • Emerson Process Management

    "The PEC conference was very rewarding for me professionally. I brought back ideas for new approaches that will help in bridging my customer’s critical business strategies with current industry trends and forecasts. The networking opportunities with industry peers was invaluable"

    - Emerson Process Management
  • Fluor Corporation

    "This event allows individuals within the turnaround-shutdown industry to get together and share ideas to improve the market"

    - Fluor Corporation
  • Siemens

    "Hearing from senior level managers as either presenters or on a panel lended a high level of credibility to this conference"

    - Siemens
  • the Brock Group

    "The GCST event was one of the best industry events I've attended this year. This was my first GCST event and I got a lot out of the interactive sessions and networking opportunities"

    - the Brock Group
  • Oracle

    "Excellently managed conference"

    - Oracle
  • Covestro

    "It was a great experience with very helpful information of our industry"

    - Covestro
  • Integrated

    "This was a great event for insite into the Petro Chem and Turnaround industry. Trends, Challenges and the solutions that have worked. The times for networking were relaxed and plentiful"

    - Integrated Communications

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