2018 Agenda

Construction Sessions
Plenary: Forging the Future with Energy - Boosting Economic Development Opportunities in the Tri-State Region
  • Evaluate the prospects to enhance the regions opportunities in petrochemical & plastics manufacturing
  • Understand how focussing on increases in gas fired power and heating and key gas pipeline projects can significantly boost economic growth
  • Hear how success will require coordinated across the region including leaders in business, government, economic development, academic & non-profit communities
Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things & the 4th Industrial Revolution

Digital innovation is seen by many outside the industry as the key to future construction/operational cost reductions and increased productivity - but why are we so slow to adopt? Our panellists weigh up the 3 main barriers to digital adoption against the opportunities for increased project, turnarounds and maintenance success, across these areas:

  • A culture built on risk mitigation: Assess the impact this is having on digital adop-tion and cybersecurity at your organization
  • Integrating technology in a complex environment - learn from those taking the first steps
  • Hear case study examples of the positive effect digitalization could have on your bottom line
  • Pitfalls and traps to avoid when implementing digital innovations
  • What’s next: assessing the digital influence of millennial workers over the next 5-20 years
Combatting Cost Escalation: New Thinking for Effective Cost Management
  • Exploring why mega project costs come in 23% higher than FID budget, on aver-age
  • Overcome challenges relating to cost controls and achieve effective cost manage-ment - driving better end results
  • Integrate successful cost management initiatives at design phase - benefit from multi stakeholder input on your bottom line
A Step-by-Step Guide to Site Availability in the North East
  • Get the facts on possible site locations in the North East for your project from those in the know.
  • Practical information on how to harness these sites potential and overcome any barriers that they may present.
  • Make the best choice for your project.
Obtaining Timely and Quality Engineering Deliverables for Major Projects
  • Steps EPC’s and Project Managers can implement to tackle the escalating man-hours required to engineer & design a piece of equipment: understand the cost of inefficiencies in engineering design
  • Role of high-value centre’s in providing engineering and learn how engineering workflow supports construction
  • Closer examination of engineering contracts to reduce man-hours (detail design only) or a deliverable contract (engineering + detail design)?
  • Avoid costly time delays, by ensuring vendors receive specifications on time, and ensuring vendor drawings are returned on time without errors
Driving Action in Front End Planning for a Successful Start-Up - Owner & EPC Perspectives
  • Changing project team views: Strategies for getting project team buy-in to successful start-up in the project planning stages
  • What specifically can be done in front end planning that will help facilitate successful commissioning and start-up?
  • What do commissioning, start-up and inspection teams need specifically from project teams to be effective in their deliverable
  • How to improve the alignment of project managers, engineering, construction and the start-up and operations teams for a successful turnover, commissioning and start-up
High Performance Strategies for Mega Projects - Beyond Productivity
  • Game-changing ideas to dramatically improve project schedule and execution productivity on your project
  • Best practices for tackling poor construction labor productivity head on
  • Modularization - benefits and considerations relating to productivity/efficiency
  • Tangible solutions & proven tactics to enhancing productivity on projects
Ensuring World Class Safety on Projects
  • Ensure world class safety on your project
  • Key insight into effective safety planning, safety practices, safety performance, and safety trends
  • Understand the ‘knowledge gap’ in safety practices in the industry and how key stake-holders are working to address this, to ensure safety isn’t compromised on projects
Organizational Alignment: Achieving Integrated Owner/Contractor Objectives
  • Form a successful alliance with your Contractors for dramatic results
  • Maximize the efficiency of the Project Managers via early Contractor input
  • Enhancing communication between team members as a key lever for tangible productivity improvements
  • Driving team alignment via digital means for significantly enhanced capital project success - lessons learned
Developing a Workforce for Peak Construction in the North East
  • Hear the latest, fully updated labour data as it related to downstream projects in the U.S. Northeast.
  • What is being done in the local area to prepare for an increasingly pressing demand in skilled craft labour requirements?
  • Key lessons in retaining skilled foremen, general foremen, and superintendents, and driving additional craft labor productivity
Focus on Procurement: The Cornerstone for Successful Mega Projects
  • Assessing the Focus Shift on to Procurement for Improving Productivity and Cutting Cost on Mega Projects
  • The Role Heavy Duty Procurement Contractors Play in Easing the Procurement Load for Ever Leaner Project Teams
  • Achieving high procurement cost performance without impacting construction productivity through AWP
Forecasting and Overcoming Material Shortages
  • A complete forecast of material availability in the second wave of petrochemical construction.
  • Buck the trend, simple steps you can take to ensure material costs stay low on your budget sheets.
  • Pre-empt one of the biggest challenges presented in the second wave of petrochemical construction.
Supply Chain & Logistics Management in Construction
  • Learn how to best plan, implement and control supply chain functions from the get go.
  • Increase coordination and reduce delays that can have a negative impact on your construction programme.
  • Ensure efficiency and productivity that have a positive impact on cost and schedule.
To Modularize or Not to Modularize?
  • Key Considerations for the modular route; what project scenarios justify the modular route?
  • Will a complete or partial modular construction strategy deliver you real ROI on your project? Investment in a complete modularization study to evaluate all the alternatives
  • Infrastructure - dealing with road, barge and rail challenges in the movement of modular parts from the yard to your project
  • Specific case study examples as to how modularization can contribute to successful major projects
Development Sessions
The Future of Gas Storage.
  • Hear the latest updates on the Mountaineer NGL Storage Facility.
  • Be in the know of new developments in the gas storage hub debate.
  • Be part of the discussion.
A NGL Pipeline infrastructure for A New Industrial Centre.
  • Hear strategies for further NGL pipeline infrastructure development to support future demand in the region.
  • Year of experience and knowledge on lessons learned and the possible barriers to the NGL pipeline infrastructure reaching its full potential on time.
  • Be confident in your choice in the Northeast.
Diversification of Petrochemicals in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
  • Hear the facts on the impact Hurricane Harvey had of the US petrochemical industry.
  • Understand the importance of the Northeast region to the future reliability of Petrochemicals in the US.
  • Secure the future of US petrochemicals industry.
Regional Transportation Logistics.
  • Get the latest on state and inter-state rail, river and road networks.
  • Understand the biggest challenges presented in the logistical organization of the region and how the Northeast plan to overcome them.
  • Be confident in your choice in the Northeast.

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