DAY ONE: Full Conference Audience

7:00 Registration & Opening Network Reception - With bespoke breakfast buffet
8:15 Welcome to Petrochemical Supply Chain & Logistics 2017 - Karla Sharp, Sr. Director, Petrochemical Update
8:20 Chairman’s Opening Address

Accenture Chairman: Ojas Wadivkar Managing Director, Chemicals Accenture

8:30 MORNING KEYNOTE Producer Fireside Chat: Supply Chain Needs in 2018 & Beyond
  • Volumes coming online next year and what are the immediate supply chain implications
  • Core producer needs from the supply chain community – immediate and looking 3-5 years ahead
  • What are producers looking at currently and what are the key concerns
  • Producer perspectives on the future of supply chain optimization – what role could digitization play?

Accenture Moderator: Ojas Wadivkar Managing Director, Chemicals Accenture

Formosa Plastics Rick Lissa Senior Director, Supply Chain Formosa Plastics

Huntsman Corp Amy Hark Director, Americas & Global Logistics Purchasing Huntsman Corp

9:10 MORNING KEYNOTE Land & Sea Distribution: Looking Towards Continued Petrochemical Growth
  • Improving the resilience of our supply chain – preparing for the next Harvey
  • Key challenges anticipated by the panelist for the next 3-5 years, given additional volumes - and collective solutions
  • Thinking ahead through 2020 – partnerships and collaborations for the future of supply chain optimization
  • What does the future of Petrochemical Logistics look like for land and sea distributors?

IBM Moderator: Raman Chander Global Lead for CPIP Center of Competency IBM

Port of New Orleans Brandy Christian CEO & President Port of New Orleans

Dupré Logistics Reggie Dupré President & CEO Dupré Logistics

COSCO Container Lines Howard Finkel Executive Vice President COSCO Container Lines

9:50 Morning Coffee Break
10:25 Shale Gas Industrial Expansion - Global & Domestic Implications Over the Next Decade
  • Latest project infrastructure, product and logistics impact forecast from the ongoing North American petrochemical expansion and recent Gulf Coast infrastructural damage cause by Harvey
  • Deep analysis of the large North American polyethylene expansion ramifications to the local and global markets, supply chains and logistics with a focus on the upcoming export growth
  • Additional analysis and commentary on likely ethane and ethylene export growth from the U.S. over the next decade.

PLG Consulting Taylor Robinson President PLG Consulting

11:00 Overcoming Hurdles & Congestion Amid the Petchem Export “Gold Rush”
  • U.S. Port positioning to support growth in the petrochemical industry
  • Current and optimum capacity, initiatives for expanded services and more
  • Emerging bottlenecks and solutions/plans in place to maximize operational excellence
  • Control versus influence over supply chain efficiency for Ports specifically

JLL Ports Airports and Global Infrastructure Moderator: Walter Kemmsies Managing Director, Economist and Chief Strategist JLL Ports Airports and Global Infrastructure

South Carolina Ports Paul McClintock Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Vice President South Carolina Ports

GA Ports Authority Greg Van Brunt Regional Sales Manager, Trade Development GA Ports Authority

Port of Long Beach Don Snyder Director of Business Development Port of Long Beach

Port of Houston Authority John Moseley Senior Director, Trade Development Port of Houston Authority

11:40 How Successful Have We Really Been in Optimizing the Supply Chain to Deal with Growth (One Year On)?
  • Exploring how well the petrochemical supply chain is coping with increased volumes so far
  • Exploring new partnerships and the importance of partnering for supply chain success
  • What more must be done, and quickly, to support current petrochemical export volumes
  • What does the future hold, and must we act now?

Resources Global Professionals Moderator: Dr. David Bazzetta Business Advisor - Process Optimization Resources Global Professionals

Kansas City Southern Jennifer Fussell Assistant Vice President Sales and Marketing Petroleum Kansas City Southern

Bulkmatic Camilo Gomez Commercial Manager, Polymers & Minerals Bulkmatic

BASF Bill Wehrle Director, Supply Chain BASF

Katoen Natie Frank Vingerhoets President Katoen Natie

Advision Sean Murphy Senior Vice President - Americas Advision

12:20 The Growing Importance of Resin Distribution as a Channel to Market

How global trends impacting the plastics industry are changing the strategic importance of Distribution, including:

  • How consolidation at both the producer and converter levels are changing the structure and role of Distribution
  • How producers and their distribution partners are being challenged to satisfy rising customer expectations due to digital technology
  • How the Shale Revolution is creating new demands on distributors to expand their market reach
  • How global competitive pressures are transitioning distributors from product peddlers to total solution providers
  • And how new materials and manufacturing technologies are disrupting the Distribution space

M. Holland Dwight Morgan Vice President, Corporate Development M. Holland

12:45 Lunch Break
2:30 AFTERNOON KEYNOTE America’s Distribution Hub for the Next Generation
  • An update on Hurricane Harvey’s impacts to the Houston Ship Channel, and our recovery efforts
  • A State of the Port
  • Preparing for future growth

Port of Houston Authority Roger Guenther Executive Director Port Houston

2:55 AFTERNOON KEYNOTE Hurricane Harvey - Houston Strong
  • An overview of the business implications of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on the U.S. Gulf Coast & East Coast
  • A summary of the bounce-back efforts and speed of response across our industry
  • Short term and long term challenges for our supply chain & recovery projections
  • Initiatives put in place to mitigate the damage of future events like these

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Harris County Judge Harris County

3:20 Managing a Complex Business Interruption Claim and Best Practices to a Successful Settlement
  • Purpose of Business Interruption Insurance
  • Business Interruption Values
  • Establishing a Team of Professionals
  • The Business Interruption Claim Preparation Process
  • Typical Grey and Contentious Areas
  • Business Interruption Claim Resolution

Berkley Research Group Robert Glasser Managing Director Business Insurance Claims and Forensic Accounting Berkley Research Group

3:35 Afternoon Coffee Break
4:10 Safety Advances in the Shipment of Flammable Liquids by Rail
  • Historical construction standards of the Class DOT 111 tank car
  • New construction standards of the Class DOT 117 tank car
  • Shipper and railroad operating requirements for flammable liquid shipments by rail
  • Industry progress in constructing new cars and converting existing cars
  • Status of Electronically-Controlled Pneumatic Brakes (“ECP”) on cars in unit-train operations
  • FRA request to consider the use of the Class DOT 117 for other products shipped by rail

The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. James Rader Vice President of Regulatory Services The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

4:35 Packaging, Warehousing and Drayage
  • Assessment of current packaging capacity: availability & service types
  • What’s next - Considerations relating to future facility sizes and locations
  • Assessing packaging, warehousing & drayage as part of the wider distribution chain
  • What are the challenges affecting them and how can/are they contributing to the solutions?

Tricon Energy Moderator: Ritesh Kothari Director of Global Operations Tricon Energy

Vinmar International Tushar Bhuta Global Director of Supply Chain Vinmar International

Plantgistix Marc Levine President Plantgistix

National Property Holdings and Rail Logix Michael Plank Chairman & CEO National Property Holdings and Rail Logix

TGS Matt Fleming Vice President TGS

5:15 Shipper-Ocean Carrier Relationships: Opportunities & Challenges as Exports Grow
  • Shipper Problems with Refused Bookings
  • Carrier Problems with No-Show Shipments
  • Efforts to Use Technology to Find Solutions
  • What It Means for Container Shipping

The Journal of Commerce Joseph Bonney Senior Editor The Journal of Commerce

5:35 Chairman Day One Round Up & Key Take-Aways
5:40-7:30 Day One Evening Networking Party
Purchase the Presentation Slides & Audio from the 2017 Meeting here

DAY TWO: Full Conference Audience

8:30 Chairman’s Welcome Back

Greif Chairman: Luis Villasor Director of Sales & Marketing - South Region Greif

8:40 The Digital Supply Chain - What Does It Mean?

What does digitalization, its implications, challenges and opportunities mean for the petrochemical supply chain in terms of:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Tools
  • Data
  • Block Chain

Accenture Ojas Wadivkar Managing Director, Chemicals Accenture

9:05 From Supply Chain Toward a Digital Supply Network
  • A “real world” example of the transformation of a Supply Chain function to a Digital Supply Network – BASF and Industry 4.0
  • The primary components of the DSN and the most important aspect of the transformation to ensure success
  • BASF’s Freight Visibility Platform and how it has become a “game-changer” for the Chemical Industry

Resources Global Professionals Moderator: Dr. David Bazzetta Business Advisor - Process Optimization Resources Global Professionals

BASF Andy O’Connor Global Director and Head of Digital SC Development - BASF 4.0 BASF

BASF Bill Wehrle Director, Supply Chain BASF

Decartes Dan Cicerchi Vice President Decartes MacroPoint Solutions Decartes

KAG Logistics Mike Forbes Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President Logistics KAG Logistics

Ocean Insights Robin Jaacks Vice President Ocean Insights

9:45 Connected Worker Opportunities
  • Digitizing workflow in field operations and inspections
  • Improved tracking of asset shipments
  • Directing work to improve productivity

Honeywell Chris Munnelly Director, Connected Worker Strategy Honeywell

10:10 Cybersecurity: The Other Side of the Coin
  • Understanding the complexity of cybersecurity and exposure to risk, with special emphasis on supply chain security
  • The range of potential threat actors, their capabilities, and incentives for attacking supply chains
  • How these attackers exploit supply chains and logistics systems in practice
  • Attack mitigation and reducing risk

IronNet Greg Conti Director of Research IronNet Cybersecurity

10:35 Morning Coffee Break
11:10 Re-Design: Innovations in the Way We Truck
  • Trucking initiatives for improving human capacity and productivity
  • Alternative transportation of trucks - how are trucking companies and railroad working together to reduce transportation times
  • Green Intermodal Freight Transportion (Carbon Footprint)
  • Strategies for reducing delivery time and saving on cost

Sunburst Trucking Shaun Leone President Sunburst Trucking

Dupré Logistics Mike Matte Senior Director of Business Development Dupré Logistics

Savage Services Rob Davidson VP Business Development Savage Services

11:50 Union Pacific: Looking Towards the Future
  • Infrastructure Strength:  Rail solutions for the petrochemical market
  • Capital Investments:  Continued investment in the south
  • Customer Experience:  Service performance, agility and technological enhancements
  • Capacity Manager:  Total rail visibility

Union Pacific Railroad Kenny Rocker Vice President & General Manager - Industrial Products Union Pacific Railroad

12:05 Lunch Break
1:45 Supply Chain and Logistics Opportunities in the Texas Gulf Coast - Industrial Sector Overview
  • Rail growth and expansion
  • Industrial Development
  • Marine infrastructure

TGS Matt Fleming Vice President TGS

2:10 Consolidation: ...the Key to the Congestion Conundrum?
  • Definition
  • Where is it needed?
  • Who wants it & who doesn’t?
    • What’s in it for me?
  • Why won’t it work?

Odfjell Terminals USA Melbourne Pinks Commercial Director Odfjell Terminals USA

2:35 Considerations and Strategies for Combatting Aging Fleets
  • Impact of single hull vessel scrappage measures
  • Emission regulations surrounding ‘most polluting’ inland vessels entering ports and current surcharge updates
  • What this will mean for these vessels and how is the industry replacing retiring vessels

RightShip Americas Capt. Anuj Chopra Vice President - Americas RightShip Americas

2:55 Chairman Day Two Round Up & Full Conference Key Take-Aways
3:00 End of Conference
Purchase the Presentation Slides & Audio from the 2017 Meeting here

A Special Thanks to our 2017 Advisory Committee:

  • Bill Wehrle
    Bill Wehrle Director, Supply Chain
    View Bio

    Speaker Bio Coming Soon...

  • Ojas Wadivkar
    Ojas Wadivkar Accenture
    View Bio

    Ojas Wadivkar is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Chemicals practice and is the Chemicals Lead for the Southwest. He has a proven track record of leading clients and consulting teams for ~20 years in successful business transformation initiatives with global experience across North America and the Middle East. Ojas has consulted companies across the entire chemicals value chain on issues ranging from corporate strategy, digital strategy, supply chain, organizational strategy and operations to defining business strategies and redesigning organizations. Ojas is a hands-on leader who is a practitioner in the areas and industries in which he serves. He is passionate about making an impact for his clients and helping clients become self-sufficient in their transformation journey.

  • Walter Kemmsies
    Walter Kemmsies Managing Director, Economist and Chief Strategist
    JLL U.S. Ports, Airports and Global Infrastructure
    View Bio

    Dr. Walter Kemmsies is a Managing Director, Economist and Chief Strategist for JLL’s U.S. Ports, Airports and Global Infrastructure Group.

    In this role, Walter executes initiatives for public and private sector clients who have interests in or properties proximate to seaports and airports throughout North America. He is also working to expand the U.S. Ports, Airports and Global Infrastructure Group’s expertise to the infrastructure sector and assist both public agencies and investors in underwriting, financing and evaluating new investment vehicles and opportunities.

    Walter is widely viewed as one of the foremost experts on ports, rail and infrastructure in the U.S. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, demand forecasting, maritime and overall global trade regulatory issues, public/private port and infrastructure financing as well as long term strategic planning/capital investment.

    Walter’s professional experience working in Europe, Latin America and Asia uniquely qualifies him as a global trade economist.


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