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August 9th 2019

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The Downstream Awards

2019 is a pivotal year for the Downstream industry. There has never been a more pressing need for the entire Downstream community to come together and share ideas, make new connections and inspire the next generation.

Change, innovation and tech are driving the industry forward. And so the unique and pioneering work of the companies within the Petrochemical industry deserves to be recognised, celebrated and shared.

That's why The Downstream Awards 2019 will be taking place on 19th November - to bring together the best of the best in the industry. A unique opportunity to bring teams and clients together for an exceptional networking opportunity teamed with fantastic entertainment and an incredible celebration of the brightest and best in the downstream industry.

This is the one evening of the Downstream calendar that you don’t want to miss. With a cocktail reception, winners and finalists photographs, certificates of commendation for all finalists and winners press, securing a spot as a finalist is an achievement in itself. Don’t miss out on the only opportunity this year to inspire, reward and recognize your team’s efforts throughout 2019.

I am honoured to be a part of something that seeks to recognize how the industry truly makes a difference in the lives of others around the world. Awarding the best companies, programs & initiatives, and projects with the Downstream Awards brings powerful recognition to the winners and the industry as a whole.

Mark Baxa, President & CEO, CSCMP


2019 Judges

  • Chad Burke
    Chad Burke CEO
    Economic Alliance Houston Port Region
  • Steve Cabano
    Steve Cabano President
  • Walter Pinto
    Walter Pinto President
  • Mark Baxa
    Mark Baxa President & CEO
  • Jeremy Osterberger
    BIC Magazine
    Jeremy Osterberger VP
    BIC Magazine
  • Brad Peck
    Gulf Coast Authority
    Brad Peck Health, Safety & PSM Director
    Gulf Coast Authority
  • Tracey S. Wheeler
    Baytown Chamber of Commerce
    Tracey S. Wheeler President & Chief Executive Officer
    Baytown Chamber of Commerce
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As a member of the Downstream Awards Judging Panel, I am most excited about the opportunity for community, reflective thinking, learning, and dialogue. It’s a privilege to be around people who are changing the world.

Brad Peck, Health Safety & PSM Director, Gulf Coast Authority

Gulf Coast Authority

2019 Award Categories

After weeks of research with Owner / Operators about what matters to you and what sets your company apart, the following categories emerged as areas where you want to be recognized, as Owner / Operators excelling in the field. For more information, visit our categories page and download the nominations pack to be in with a chance of securing a position on the shortlist. (Please note, shortlisted companies will be eligible for a table on the night, in order to be prepared to collect the winners awards).

Rollover a category for more info

  • Future Industry Leader

    The Future Industry Leader Award recognizes a young professional (no more than 40 years old on the entry deadline) that has already made an inspiring contribution to the Downstream industry and demonstrated that age is no barrier to excellence.

  • Lifetime Achievement

    The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an Executive who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and future of the Downstream industry during his or her career.

  • Downstream Company of the Year

    The Downstream Company of the Year Award recognizes a standout operator that has demonstrated the most effective management and development during the judging period.

  • EPC of the Year

    The EPC of the Year Award recognizes the organizations and companies providing multiple services to owner/operators.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    The Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility highlights the ever-important convergence of profitability and company values. Rather than an obligation, CSR is a voluntary commitment, which greatly motivates employee morale, is of fundamental interest to customers, investors and other key stakeholders, and is a key determinant of a company's character.

  • Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

    The Award for Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship recognizes any efforts, initiatives or technological developments that have minimized or eliminated their environmental footprint, demonstrating a positive contribution to the advancement of environmental considerations.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    The Diversity & Inclusion Award recognizes an organisation's commitment to promoting and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy.

  • Fostering of Innovation in Operations

    The Fostering of Innovation in Operations Award aims to highlight organizations that in recognition of the pressure to make cost savings, streamline operations, reduce environmental impact and improve health & safety standards are enabling their business and employees to become increasingly innovative.

  • Workforce Development

    The Workforce Development Award is designed to provide recognition for exemplary, and innovative internal training and education programs which encourage individuals to maintain a career within the Downstream industry and become subject matter experts and future industry advocates.

  • Health & Safety Initiative of the Year

    The Health & Safety Initiative of the Year Award recognizes specific initiatives that have significantly reduced the risk to workers.

  • Community Partnership Award

    The Community Partnership Award recognizes the need for the Downstream industry to work with educational and governmental institutions in the local community to attract future leaders within the Downstream industry and meet the increased workforce demand.

  • Outside of Industry Innovation

    The Outside of Industry Innovation Awards recognizes how cross-industry pollination of ideas and initiatives can be used to simplify processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Supply Chain of the Year

    The Supply Chain of the Year Award will recognize strategic developments in an organisation's supply chain management and practice that have a quantifiable benefit to the business.

  • Project of the Year (Large)

    The Large Project of the Year Award (>$500m) recognizes excellence in project execution and management.

  • Project of the Year (Medium - Small)

    The Medium - Small Project of the Year Award (<$500m) recognizes excellence in project execution and management.

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Project success should be celebrated. Far too often our industry receives negative press when something goes wrong. It’s time we celebrate all the good that well executed projects provide.

Steve Cabano, President, Pathfinder


Key Dates

In the lead-up to the exclusive awards ceremony, taking place in Houston on November 19th, Downstream companies will be vying for a spot on the shortlist. Dont miss out – mark the dates in your diary below and download your nominations pack today.


April 17th


August 9th


August 28th

Awards Ceremony Takes Place

November 19th

Post Ceremony Press Released

November 20th

  • Baytown Chamber of Commerce

    "The opportunity to serve as a judge for the Downstream Recognition is an exciting opportunity to participate in a program that recognizes the downstream industries for their efforts in many areas"

    - Tracey Wheeler, President & CEO, Baytown Chamber of Commerce

    "This event is about people coming together to celebrate people. It inspires us to do and be more than we are today!"

    - Mark Baxa, President & CEO, CSCMP
  • Gulf Coast Authority

    "The top qualities that I’m looking for in a nominee include: resilience and adaptability to different technologies, innovative applications of scientific principles, and practical ways to protect workers and the environment"

    - Brad Peck, Health Safety & PSM Director, Gulf Coast Authority

    "I’m looking for those who show others how to break through yesterday’s barriers, demonstrate new concepts and innovative ideas that can only be achieved with a high degree of synergistic collaboration. Ultimately, did the company, programme & initiative or project lead to improving the lives of people around the world. "

    - Mark Baxa, President & CEO, CSCMP

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