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Session 1: Make Downstream Canada Attractive Again
  • Explore the key opportunities, incentives and programs being run to support long-term capital investment in petrochemical, chemical, LNG and all downstream facilities in Canada.
Building for the future of Canadian downstream development
  • Evaluate the steps taken regionally to make Canada attractive to long-term downstream investment and boost the potential for local petrochemical, chemical and LNG refining, export and manufacturing opportunities
  • Gain an exclusive appraisal of regional feedstock trends, workforce availability, rates and investment in critical infrastructure to support essential logistic operations
  • Discuss the status of current major, medium and small scale downstream investment decisions, timelines and players to ensure you’re aware of every upcoming supply chain opportunity
Mega projects project update and lessons learned
  • Explore the immediate timelines and milestones planned for the next 18 months on major new Canadian downstream developments
  • Discover the globally gained lessons that are being applied on new projects to better deliver on investment, resource and delivery expectations
  • Learn how to build confidence between project stakeholders and ensure early supply chains and work are performed as planned by revisiting best practice for vision alignment, execution and communication
Successful environmental permitting and approval
  • Gain a unique understand of local environmental policy ideologies and how you can navigate them to ensure the best project opportunities and satisfy strong regulatory protections
  • Evaluate lessons learned to navigate the regional permitting process and how you can best equip your development team to design a scope that ensures a smooth transition to approval
Essentials on site selection and availability
  • Examine key site selection requirements for downstream projects in Canada and measure against available land opportunities in each region
  • Discover which real estate, PR and community partners you can turn to so that your development scope gets off to an efficient start
  • Weigh the lessons learned from the most recent projects and how precedent from these developments will impact your new facility plans
Deploy local knowhow to boost the value of work pre-FID
  • Learn about the national, regional and local bodies you can collaborate with to successfully strategize for Canadian downstream investment and better navigate all critical FID steps
  • Examine the impact of local regulation, policy, local stakeholder management and environmental compliance on resource allocation in the run up to an FID to prepare against unintended cost and resource oversights even pre-construction
Session 2: Lessons Learned Specific to Canadian Downstream Mega Projects
  • This session will leverage the wealth of experience, best practice, lessons learned and latest innovation found in new and existing mega projects to ensure efficiency and successful outcomes in your own long-term developments run to support long-term capital investment in petrochemical, chemical, LNG and all downstream facilities in Canada.
Trans Mountain Pipeline, a story of lessons learned
  • The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline system offers a wealth of lessons learned contained that new developers a build on when looking to invest in and unlock valuable economic opportunities in Canada
Tackle major capital productivity and execution
  • Discuss game-changing strategies being used on major downstream projects to dramatically improve project schedules and execution productivity
  • Hear executive guidance for tackling poor construction and labor productivity head on and ensure the efficient allocation of resources throughout projects
  • Explore the best practices available to help with capital efficiency enhancement and marry them with tangible solutions and proven tactics to enhance overall productivity project-wide
Apply peer best practice to new downstream mega projects

Major development decision-makers and EPCs share executive level best practice to break down key challenges, hurdles and opportunities, including; workforces cost escalation, FEED and stakeholder management

  • Examine what major development, EPC and regional stakeholders can do to support the labor markets availability of skills and competitiveness moving forwards
  • Explore what steps major players are taking to meet the challenge of cost escalation throughout design, construction and engineering efforts
  • Evaluate executive responses to major technology development trends in the downstream development industry, including new potential applications for the latest digital and AI innovation
(WORKSHOP) Build project scope to optimize contracts
  • In a new workshop, engage with experienced owner operators, EPCs, consultants, project managers, procurement heads and supply chain decision makers and invaluable stories that unlock previously hidden tips and tactics to setting a project scope that optimizes the whole supply chain from the start
  • Work in groups to explore trends in strategies, expectations and deliverability in all areas critical to project success, including; vision alignment, stakeholder communication, contract guarantees, deliverables and incentives
  • This session will be interactive and open to all attendees. Participants will split into groups before reporting findings back, with table chairs led by executive leaders from owner operators, EPCS and other key project influencers
Session 3: Excellence in capital project planning and delivery
  • Improve small-medium capital projects cost efficiency with owner insights that pinpoint opportunities in AWP, contractor scope and procurement strategies
Improving Productivity on Major Projects with Advanced Work Packaging
  • Understand the principals behind advanced work packaging (AWP) and its use in other industries to kick start positive changes in many small-medium capital projects
  • Hear how owners and EPCs are working together to increase the profitability and productivity of front end project planning using innovative AWP methodologies and systems
  • Get up to speed on the campions of AWP, the tangible results we can evaluate and where the downstream industry can look to integrate these practices immediately to start seeing results
Deploy efficient peer-driven lessons learned in FEED to ensure successful project development
  • Assess the focus shift towards procurement leaders for improving productivity and cost reduction on major new downstream projects
  • Drive up standards and results by deploying owner operator led insights that target multi-stakeholder collaboration improvements
  • Identify new trends in design, modular construction and engineering technology that will push down inefficiencies and enhance productivity across all new projects
  • Secure workforce and project safety by applying the latest guidance in on-site and planning excellence, inter-departmental communication and trust in risk management protocols
Challenges in Managing a Small Projects Portfolio (up to 5 Million)
  • Examine how the challenges of capital project management differ at small scales and hear invaluable stories from experience owners and project managers
  • Understand how to better manage resource allocation and contractors when working to set project scope and ensure high standards of delivery and execution
  • Discuss the skill sets required to manage smaller project portfolios and how everything from workforce management to soft skills will play a huge part in the success of your venture
Advance excellence in engineering and construction
  • Evaluate the latest technologies and strategies to develop more cost-efficient facilities when you assess critical improvements to design, construction, fabrication and large-scale infrastructure development
  • In an industry that moves slowly, discuss the barriers to innovation opportunities to foster both talent and technological development inhouse for the benefit of your projects and the industry at large
Effective Procurement and Cost Management: The Cornerstone for Successful Mega Projects
  • Assessing the Focus Shift on to Procurement for Improving Productivity and Cutting Cost on Mega Projects
  • Overcome challenges relating to cost controls and achieve effective cost management for all sized capital projects - driving better end results
  • Integrate successful cost management initiatives at design phase – benefit from multi stakeholder input on your bottom line
  • Achieving high procurement cost performance without impacting construction productivity through AWP
Session 4: Turn to Smart-Digital to Boost Project Execution and Productivity
  • Improve small-medium capital projects cost efficiency with owner insights that pinpoint opportunities in AWP, contractor scope and procurement strategies
Unlock the power of digitalization in project execution and productivity
  • Discuss the slow speed of adoption by downstream supply chains of the latest data-driven process, risk, project execution and supply chain management technology
  • Explore key lessons learned in downstream digitalization by other owner-operators and assess the influence of new digital trends in workforces, automation and process management that will impact projects in the next 5-10 years
Lessons learned integrating digital tools with project management
  • Evaluate the barriers that have prevented faster adoption of innovative tools in downstream engineering and construction
  • Discover key takeaways gained when using advanced digital systems to better manage procurement, supply chain oversight and accountability
  • Poor communication and vision alignment is costly, so learn to link effectively with on-site project managers, back-office and project collaborators efficiently securely and safely
(SHOWCASE) Innovation and investment demos for downstream technology
  • In a unique session, discover which of the new digital tools flooding the market are the most promising and have your say on key capability expectations
  • Innovators are encouraged to demonstrate their solutions directly to owner operators and investors using only use cases and test data

* This session will be moderated by experienced developers but spaces to present will be limited. Apply directly to for details

Digital adoption challenges for culture, complexity and cyber security
  • Explore how downstream companies adopt critical cybersecurity tools when planning for risk mitigation across the organization
  • Consider how to approach the challenge of technology and control obsolescence as all aspects of construction, engineering and design become dominated by digital
  • Learn to integrate your workforce and tools in a complex environment and learn from those taking the first steps from the back-office to onsite
Session 5: Solve Major Shutdown and Turnaround Challenges
  • This session will help you generate big savings in shutdown and turnaround execution when you deploy the latest peer best practice to overcome major, minor and unexpected pitfalls when planning, benchmarking and executing STO projects
Unlocking Big Savings in Turnaround Project Planning & Execution
  • Learn how to establish clear strategies for continuous improvement in the planning phases for major STOs
  • Understand how to manage procurement and contractors effectively to get the most from your resources
  • Expect what will be unexpected and ensure you know how to be financially and logistically prepared for what discovery work may uncover
Optimizing Turnaround Execution
  • Get the latest on the biggest challenges faced during the TAR execution period and lessons incorporated back into owner operators as a result.
  • Learn how to improve transparency during the TAR process and manage the effective communication between all parties and resources
Turnaround Project Benchmarking Results 2018 & Future Projections
  • Assess key challenges with 2018 turnaround projects to benchmark for success and continuous improvement in Canada
  • Receive an exclusive map of projects and resource requirements that will help align both your business development and workforce strategy against regional opportunities
  • Evaluate important trends and innovations that are shaking up traditional approaches to STOs and could enhance your own successes in future
Increasingly Complex - Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
  • With the trend for integrating capital project work into Turnarounds set to continue, what are the key elements to successful project outcomes.
  • Hear key stakeholders discussing the fundamental requirements for successful integration

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