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Engineering & Construction

Alternative Contract Strategy

KEYNOTE: Alternative Contract Strategy in Next Wave Investment

  • Effective and efficient execution strategy starts before you sign the dotted line, ensure that your project is set up for success from the get-go.
  • Learn from past mistakes and guarantee an ROI above industry standards.
  • Understand what works best for your project to drive productivity, quality and safety.

Pathfinder Steve Cabano Pathfinder

Lump vs. Reimbursement - It Pays to Know

  • There are many pros and cons in the fight to incentivise productivity, get ahead of the game and know them now.
  • Understand common pitfalls to safeguard your project’s budget and schedule.
  • Incentivise in the know.

This is What Productivity Looks Like

  • What does success look like to you?
  • How do you measure productivity?
  • How do you obtain productivity efficiency?

Chevron Martin Darley Project Controls Manager Chevron

Contractor Diversification

  • In a world of mergers and focused portfolios, what can the market offer your project in next wave construction?
  • Turnkey vs alliances - understand what works best for your project.
  • Reduce transaction from cradle to grave and start to make your contract strategy work for you.

Dow T.A. Madhivanan (Madhi) Global EPC Contract Manager company

Going Digital

KEYNOTE: Harnessing IoT in Mega Projects to Drive Competitive Advantage

  • Across the world, everyday devices are getting connected to the Internet — thermostats, water meters, home alarms, kitchen gadgets, medical equipment - why not your project?
  • Learn how to identify clear and realistic business outcome from key industry innovators by leveraging IoT capabilities.
  • Create a checklist for success to guarantee successful implementation. From skilled labour requirements to system integration, be sure to not miss the secret ingredient off your list.

Going Digital Workshop Series - Technology Roadmap for Success

  • Going back to basics.
  • Master the art of developing an action plan in the new era of digitalization to ensure you aren’t left behind.
  • Learn how to successfully adopt and exploit these technologies to optimize your CAPEX project.
  • Get the facts on what does digitalization, its implications, challenges and opportunities really mean for the CAPEX in terms of project efficiency

Shell Mark Wrzyszczynski Senior IT Advisor to Projects and Engineering Shell

Going Digital Workshop Series - Shopping Construction Innovation

  • With so much out there it is hard to know where to start when looking to digitalisation to achieve optimization.
  • Come away with a “must-need” shopping list from our tech experts based from lessons they have learned in the innovation space.
  • Make a plan now before going to market to maximise ROI and reduce transaction costs.

Going Digital Workshop Series - Finding the Next Silver Bullet

  • An old timer in the digi space? Tired of hearing the same old sales pitch?
  • Join our experts in discussion over where they see steps being taken in CAPEX technology innovation.
  • Get ahead of the curve. Do the research today, benefit tomorrow.

Driving Safety Through New Technologies

  • You don’t need to sacrifice productivity for safety.
  • Gain exclusive insight from our innovators on how they successfully strike a balance through effective use of new technologies.
  • Guarantee your workers are safe AND your ROI.

Sabic John Barry Sr. Specialist, EHSS Project Engineering Europe, Region Europe Global Projects Sabic

Project Management Solutions Driving Productivity

KEYNOTE: High Performance Strategies for Mega Projects

  • Explore how owners are working to set project scope earlier and what positive value this brings to the overall CAPEX budget and timelines.
  • Gain Critical guidance on to integrate and align all major project stakeholders as early as possible in order to mitigate the risk of later reworking of project timelines and unexpected cost.
  • Access the current approach to contractor incentivisation and how owners work to improve the performance of all project partners both qualitatively and quantitively in future.
  • Gain key insights you can use to improve your leverage of digital tools in project management and discuss immediate opportunities to address inefficiencies and take advantage of innovation.

Defining Scope for Project Success

  • Plan.
  • Execute.
  • Succeed.

The Procurement Wars - Lessons Learned

  • Are you communicating with your material and equipment providers effectively?
  • Explore different procurement strategy to reduce transaction cost and safeguard against the mistakes made in first wave construction.
  • Lock down schedules and keep your project on track.

Project Resource Management - Materials

  • Drive efficiency and effectiveness in inbound and onsite logistics
  • Deliver operational excellence, reduce risk and drive business profitability associated with project cargo logistics services by considering them early
  • Develop and review logistics plans and solutions to ensure that sufficient allowance is made for contingencies and identify critical areas of risk

Project Resource Management - Labour

  • Stop the cycle of poor project labour planning - target your workforce planning and get in under control.
  • Understand how to leverage innovation solution to plan and track your workforce to increase tool time and drive productivity. 
  • Guarantee productivity of your workforce without sacrificing their safety.

Becoming a champion of AWP

  • Learn about the transition from being a project manager to applying critical AWP principles and methodology within your organisation - as well as understand what AWP knowledge you will need to be successful.
  • Learn how to review your company’s current unique processes, structures and management tools and then explore how to take AWP best practices off paper and customize a version of AWP that fits your organisation.
  • Finally discuss lessons learned from owner operators who have looked to drive the use of their company’s AWP through the rest of the business, their EPCs and critically their contactors.

Attacking rising CAPEX Costs

KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned from First & Second Wave ROIs

  • Understand the biggest pitfall in past projects to mitigate the biggest challenges to your projects schedule and budget.
  • Overcome the key barriers to quality work and reduce unplanned OPEX.  
  • Learn from past mistakes and guarantee expected ROIs.

SABIC Jim Ellis General Manager Global Engineering and Projects SABIC

To Standardise or not to Standardise?

  • As best practices become standardised, we raise the question of what is too much standardisation?
  • At what point does standardisation become inefficient and inhibit flexibility, with contactors and software providers in particular?
  • Our experts will share lessons learned and give you a fool proof guide for standardisation success!

AWP and Beyond

  • Want to take your AWP to the next level?
  • Gain exclusive insight from our expert of how they took their AWP programme to the next level.
  • Create a check list for success and nail scope definition and project execution.

Dow Zach Inman AWP Work Face Planning SME Manager Dow

Dow Nicolas Munoz Construction IT Product Manager Dow

Dow Kenny Kelly Work Face Planning Global Improvement Leader Dow

Dow Karan Cleland AWP Construction Representative Dow

Dow Manoj Dharwadkar AWP Data Integration Leader Dow

Dow John Coombs AWP Project Manager Dow

Making Modularisation Work for You

  • Bigger isn’t always better, but what works for your project?
  • Become an expert on how to best use and design modularisation strategy to your projects advantage.
  • Become a creator of innovative strategies to ensure modularisation execution success.

Dow Yinguo Cheng Modularization Director Dow

Shell James Richards Construction Manager Shell

Data Analytics - The Next Silver Bullet?

  • Up-to-the-minute analysis on how data analytics can reduce CAPEX overruns on your project.
  • Essential questions answered regarding its implementation and everyday application.
  • Expert suggestions to capture the potential of the industries next silver bullet.
  • Welcome to next level project execution.

Huntsman David Sheffield Global Capitla Projects Coordinator Huntsman


KEYNOTE: Cultivating Our Next Leaders

  • Build.
  • Train.
  • Retain.
  • Diversify.

Chevron Salt Lake Refinery Mitra Basiri Kashanchi General Manager Chevron Salt Lake Refinery

AECOM Shelley Scalzo Brown Vice President, SH&E Director, Transportation Business Line DCS Americas AECOM

American Association of Blacks in Energy Paula Glover CEO American Association of Blacks in Energy

Retaining Talent

  • The best kept secret in project management
  • Discover the power of talent retention to project management, CAPEX and ROI and why you should to investing in it.
  • Professional techniques to retain the industries best in your organisation.

Lyondellbassell Stony Maness Project Manager Lyondellbassell

Diversification - A Point of Business

  • We know being inclusive and creating a diverse workforce is the right thing to do, but do we pay enough attention to how it can enhance business performance?
  • Sensible solutions to integrate proven, powerful and effective business strategy.
  • Be the change the industry needs.

Integrating the Generations

  • There can be 5 generations in the workplace at any given point - all with different attitudes and ways of working.
  • What should your strategy be to integrate these groups? Is it important they integrate at all?
  • Hear our panel engage in an age-old question of generational integration before it becomes business critical to your organisation’s success.

INEOS Paul Won Procurement Specialist INEOS

Reliability & Maintenance

KEYNOTE: Designing for Reliability

  • Creating an effective APM strategy focused on reliability, to increase safety and profitability whilst driving innovation
  • Understand how to achieve true transformational change, looking at full lifecycle costs and enhanced analytics
  • Developing an entrepreneurial working environment, increasing workforce engagement to create agents of reliability

Invista Ken Stevens Director of Reliability Invista

Dow Richard Ellis DFRAM Global Expertise Leader Dow

KEYNOTE: State Based Control

  • Discover how to develop the concepts of batch operations into continuous manufacturing environments
  • Find out how to reap the rewards of better maintenance planning in asset management
  • Look at implementation best practices to see the benefits in your own facility

Dow Jonathan Huggins Global Process Automation Excellence Leade Dow

KEYNOTE: The Pathway to Digitalization

  • Evaluating the latest and greatest in IIoT technologies to update your asset and improve effectively with a reliability-centric approach
  • Driving improvement on a limited budget - determining what opportunities there are in technologies and realizing the benefits of implementation to the connected worker
  • Create an asset to transform the workforce, creating engagement and buy in by giving people the right tools to succeed

BP Walter Pesenti Global Petrochemical Operational Excellence Leader BP

Covestro Victor Ortega VP Technical Site Management Covestro

Ascend Performance Materials Cindy Gross Maintenance, Reliability & Turnarounds Director Ascend Performance Materials

The Smart Asset - Technology Toolbox for Success

  • Determine best practices to increase the transparency of asset health
  • Exploring the latest intrinsically safe field software and ‘mobile wearable devices’ to enable a predictive monitoring strategy
  • An in-depth look into using digitalization to foster work process improvement in day-to-day maintenance operations

BASF Chad Bates Operations & Maintenance Gate Keeper BASF

OXEA Chemicals Lauren Willard Maintenance & Reliability Manager OXEA Chemicals

Hexagon PPM Jaclyn Arnold VP of Owner Operator Hexagon PPM

Learning From Equipment Failures

  • Achieving efficiency improvements throughout the asset lifecycle whilst reducing unscheduled downtime
  • Learn how to improve safety and reliability in maintenance operations
  • Benefit from making data driven decisions with increased asset health visibility

Eastman Chemical David Reed Director Plant Maintenance Eastman Chemical

BASF Amy Odom Asset Effectiveness Engineer BASF

Assessing Routine Maintenance

  • Determine how to asset data management tools can be utilized to allocate maintenance budgets
  • Effectively balance long term reliability and short-term cost savings
  • Learn how to classify and rank maintenance goals with short/long term objectives, balancing risk with ROI on early investment
  • Benefit from making data driven decisions with increased asset health visibility

Increasing Workforce Engagement

  • A deep dive into the best ways to drive workforce engagement  
  • Determine effective methods to boost and maintain buy in through personalized KPIs and performance metrics
  • Learn the benefits of implementing and building on workforce training programs

Technical Focused Sessions Looking Into:

  • Piping Stress Analysis
  • Pipe Remediation
  • Wireless Vibration Monitoring
  • Chem Cleaning
  • Thermography
  • Corrosion and blockage issues
  • Mechanical Integrity Improvements
  • Best practises in performing Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFAs)
  • Effective implementation of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programs

Shutdowns & Turnarounds

KEYNOTE: Success Strategies - Integration Of The Capital Project Into Turnarounds

  • A staggering 90% of turnarounds are failing to meet their goals, overrunning on time and costs
  • Discuss optimum strategies for success in total stakeholder engagement & integration in the planning, execution and post-event analysis
  • Determine how to overcome key issues, and consolidate work effectively to improve reliability and throughput whilst reducing costs

Chevron Tim Sutherland GM - Pasadena Refinery Chevron

Olin Randy Pound Global Director of Maintenance and Reliability Olin

KEYNOTE: Exploring The Vulnerabilities of a Turnaround

  • Identify how to inspect your site, what questions to ask and how to get better in your TAR planning and execution
  • Look at how data driven turnarounds are becoming increasingly effective, using risk-based inspection to lessen the chances of losing big
  • Evaluate best practises and benchmarking to determine site event progress versus standards expected

Phillips 66 Jim Smith O&M Execution Excellence Manager Phillips 66

Shell Frank Engli Projects, Maintenance & Turnaround Manager Shell

Communication is the key to a successful TAR

  • Learn how to eliminate silos and involve operations personnel early in the planning phase
  • Allow time for integration to optimize scope development
  • See the true benefit of communication to minimize scope creep

BASF Lawrence Crow Turnaround Manager BASF

Westlake Chemical Tommy Simoneaux Turnaround Coordinator Westlake Chemical

Westlake Chemical Oneil Fabre PVC Operations Coordinator Westlake Chemical

Successful Turnaround Planning

  • Determine how to effectively combine projects, maintenance and turnarounds schedules to match up deliverables
  • Knock down the barriers to integration, looking at when and how to get different teams involved in the project
  • Tackling the complexities of a turnaround event whilst dealing with capital projects involvement

LyondellBasell Joe Jackson Project Process Assurance LyondellBasell

Risk Mitigation Strategies

  • Understand how to strategize successfully to overcome the unknown TAR challenges and remain on budget
  • Determine the insurance processes in place to combat surprises and plan for the unexpected
  • Go through Plan B and what if scenarios to mitigate scope creep

Utilizing The Power Of Post-Event Critique

  • Learn from your mistakes and build on successes in future turnaround planning
  • Identify room for improvement across your company’s assets, implementing lessons learned from past event data

Contractor and Procurement Strategy

  • Learn how to select the most capable and efficient contractors and suppliers for turnaround events - what should the criteria look like?
  • Mitigate labor risks with a comprehensive resourcing strategy
  • Determine how maintenance and turnaround groups can expedite the contract approval process

Optimizing Turnaround Frequency

  • Finding the sweet spot between production, reliability and risk
  • Learn how to enhance workforce buy-in by adjusting turnaround event scheduling
  • Explore economic benefits in increasing turnaround frequency and the processes in place to enable the change

Process Engineering & Technology

Process Intensification

The most pressing issue for US producers is establishing their role in the energy transition and creating the optimal strategy to support global demand whilst being cost-competitive to their Indian and Middle Eastern counterparts. In this topic we are looking for paper on dramatic improvements of manufacturing and processing through substantially decreasing equipment size / output ratio, waste production, and/or energy consumption resulting in sustainable chemical plants that are cheaper to operate. Papers can cover both method of chemical process and design of equipment.

Process Integration

Higher efficiency internal combustion engines, increasing hybridisation and the rise of e-mobility are eroding transport fuel demand leaving refiners to seek ways to transform naphtha and diesel into more valuable products. The future profit for refiners will be very much influenced by their petrochemical production capacity and as such must route more streams from fuel products to petrochemical products in order to maximize margins. Adding flexibility and petrochemical integration is a key survival strategy for North American refiners.

Process Control & Excellence

With increasing global competition and regulatory pressures refiners and producers continue to seek the means in which to capture value and margin improvements from low hanging fruit.  Leveraging tools and techniques to enhance reliability, flexibility and smarten operations must continue to be a priority for the industries new and ageing assets. Many advanced tools are readily available but continue to not be fully exploited.

Data & Digitalisation in Production & Design

Today digitalisation has become the differentiator between successful and unsuccessful refiners and producers, and a direct enabler of enhanced productivity, improved safety and competitiveness. It is important to see how data, robotics, IT systems and automation can support refinery engineers with their day-to-day onsite processes.

Environmental engineering and Sustainable Development

Decarbonisation is driving the need for CO2 capture, reduction technologies and advancements. Papers can cover method of chemical process, design of equipment, alternative feedstocks and general compliance issues.

Catalyst Technologies

Catalysts will always be essential to the profitability, sustainability and environmental compliance of plants and refineries. Here we will look at the latest advances in catalyst technologies and assessing how they can be integrated into US strategies.

Separation & Filtration

Poor contamination control is the leading cause of process instability and losses. Unfortunately, filtration and separation are often overlooked and poorly managed in many plants. Well, no more! Here we will go back to engineering fundamentals and explore areas of innovation to ensure contaminants aren’t ruining your processes profitability.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Dynamic Global Trade Outlook - Impacts on the Petrochemical Industry

Global trade disputes and negotiations and the uncertainty they bring have affected petrochemical supply chain strategies since mid-2018. In this session, you’ll get the latest updates on trade policy actions, ongoing negotiations, the status of the World Trade Organization, and trends in international chemicals regulation.

American Chemistry Council Ed Brzytwa Director for International Trade American Chemistry Council

PANEL: Dynamic Global Trade Outlook - Impacts on the Petrochemical Industry

A lively discussion amongst the supply chain businesses working hard to not only mitigate risk during challenging political changes, but to rise to the challenge and thrive

American Chemistry Council Ed Brzytwa Director for International Trade American Chemistry Council

Dow Chemical Lisa Schroeter Global Director of Trade & Investment Policy Dow Chemical

SABIC Matthew Zahand Manager, International Logistics & Trade Compliance SABIC

Lyondellbasell Laura Chambers Federal Government Relations Lyondellbasell

Export Transportation Optimization: The Role of Carriers, Ports and Marine Terminals in the Resin Supply Chain

  • Exporters can better serve international customers, improve inventory management and lower transportation costs when ports closest to the place of manufacture are able offer multiple carriers options with large scale volume capacity to a wider range of overseas markets
  • Marine Container Terminal capacity and high efficiency levels at ports that leverage infrastructure and technology to continuously improve the customer experience are vital in ensuring an efficient and cost-effective resin export supply chain
  • Not all Marine Container Terminals are the same.  Protect your capital investment and keep your export product flowing by choosing a customer centric port with a robust plan to better serve you

Port of Houston Roger Guenther CEO Port of Houston

Keynote: Panel - Digital Strategy in Petrochemical Producer Supply Chains

  • Every petrochemical business is on a unique digital journey. This session will form a core discussion piece surrounding the topic of digital integration within North America’s largest petrochemical organisations; the current digital integration status and aims for the future.
  • In the age of data, there’s a wealth of information to cut through if - and when - a shipment falls off the grid. Hear from an elite panel of senior supply chain professionals, detailing the challenge of harnessing big data, and how they’re working to create connected visibility on all shipments.
  • Where to next? Once the foundational digital strategy is achieved, you can apply critical business intelligence on top. From AI, predictive analytics, machine learning and more - learn what to use next and how best to use it.
  • Digitalisation equals organisational change - learn how best to guide your workforce through this transitional process.

BASF Bret Bement Director Supply Chain Petrochemicals North America BASF

Kuraray Eric Eileraas Senior Supply Chain Manager Kuraray

Chevron Reggie Brown Category Manager - Logistics Chevron

Future Innovator: Dow’s Supply Chain Digital Fulfilment Center

  • In this session, you’ll discover the secret to Dow’s supply chain innovation approach
  • Service offerings from innovation team
  • Example: Dynamic supply chain modeling and design

Dow Chemical Adriana Vasquez Lead Supply Chain Manager Dow Chemical

BASF on External Collaborations to Drive Innovation

  • Innovation cannot happen independently nor can it occur internally yet so many businesses fail to see this and slowly move towards becoming extinct dinosaurs.
  • Companies that expand their horizons and move quickly to engage with new opportunities will be the ones to succeed in this digital revolution.
  • Learn how BASF has leveraged the greater technology innovation ecosystem and introduced new processes to drive digital supply chain innovation.

BASF Tara Badri Digital Innovation Manager BASF

Voyager Case Study - Working Together to Create Supply Chain Visibility

  • Session Details coming soon…

Voyager Portal Matthew Costello CEO Voyager Portal

Making Petrochemical Supply Chain’s Sustainable - A Case Study from SABIC

  • As the global demand grows for petrochemical products, this session will review strategies for reducing air and water pollution simultaneously with improving your supply chain efficiency.

SABIC Victor Alonso Monteaguado Quality Leader SABIC

PANEL: ‘All Access’ Petrochemicals: Diversity & Inclusion in the Supply Chain Industry

  • From work culture to change management, find out how the biggest companies in the petrochemical supply chain industry are tackling the diversity issue head on.
  • Senior Leaders share their perspectives on the D&I business case in the petrochemical supply chain industry - how far have we come, and how far have we left to go?
  • Our panellists share examples of the competitive advantage of diversity at work - and you’ll learn how to create a cohesive business strategy to improve supplier diversity, that will not only move your business forward, but empower your employees.

XPO Logistics Katrina Liddell Senior Vice President, Sales - NA Transportation XPO Logistics

BASF Josselyn Rosario Director of Supply Chain Performance Chemicals North America BASF

Panel - The Future of End-End Visibility in Key Supply Chain Verticals

  • This session will bring together the forward-thinking visibility innovators in rail, trucking and marine. Learn how to get one source of truth for your shipments in each of your critical carrier verticals.

Dupre Logistics Bob Verret CIO Dupre Logistics

FourKites Speaker TBC FourKites

Optimising your Petrochemical Trucking Strategy

  • This panel session will explore the key issues facing the trucking industry - from workforce development to reducing emissions - get the latest insights on how to develop this vertical within your supply chain partner portfolio.

BASF David Jones Group Manager - Domestic Transportation Procurement BASF

Economic Alliance Houston Port Region Chad Burke President Economic Alliance Houston Port Region

How can global shippers elevate the customer delivery experience while optimizing global inventory levels and operational costs?

  • How does data quality impacts customer experience in the petrochemical industry?
  • How can petrochemical companies increase their service levels to clients through a Continuous Delivery Experience?
  • What mechanism reduces operational costs while increasing customer delivery experience?
  • How can petrochemical companies optimize inventory levels through accurate information and data provided through real time visibility?
  • How accurate data/information and predictions in ocean freight support the goal of E2E?

ClearMetal Craig Priest Sales Director ClearMetal

The Future Is Now - UP Supporting Unprecedented Growth In Petrochemical Industry

  • Investing to Support Industry Growth
  • Providing Domestic and Export Optionality
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience with Technology & Fluid Service

Union Pacific Jacque Bendon Vice President - Industrial Union Pacific

A Deep Dive with Petrochemical’s Principle Marine Carriers

This session will explore the key issues facing the marine industry - from tracking at sea to IMO2020 industry impacts - get the latest insights on how to develop this vertical within your supply chain partner portfolio.

Cross-Industry Case Study

Disruptive Supply Chain practices are revolutionising the delivery processes of a wide range of business sectors. In this session, you’ll get the chance to learn from the best in the supply chain business - with world-leading case studies from outside the petrochemical space.

Blockchain Case Study

We all know about Blockchain by now - it purports to offer supply chain transparency and facilitates the tracking of purchase orders, receipts, shipment notifications and more. This session will demonstrate the benefits of blockchain that you can integrate into your supply chain digital strategy right now.

Risk Mitigation and Continuity Management

  • Extreme weather and environmental conditions are not new, but they’re on the up - and they’re expensive to deal with. When a major incident does occur, the impacts on a business can be traumatic and long lasting. It’s therefore critical to build business resilience in the face of these increasing occurrences.
  • This session will focus on how to build your risk prevention practices - to give you a competitive advantage

The New Frontier - New Routes & Infrastructure for your Supply Chain

As petrochemical production facilities expand across the US, learn which regions are tipped for supply chain infrastructure growth over the next 5-10 years.

Polyethylene Global Outlook to 2030

Currently the United States is home to around 40% of the global ethane-based petrochemical production capacity, but the production of other nations is catching up. In this session, you’ll get a view on how global petrochemical production capacity distribution is headed over the next decade.

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