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  • Headline Sessions

  • Engineering & Construction

  • Reliability / Maintenance & Turnarounds

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Shutdown & Turnarounds

Headline Sessions - Full Audience

9:00am - 10:30pm (90 mins)
Plenary Track Room

HEADLINE: Outlook for the US & Global Downstream Industry

  • What does the panel see as the outlook for capital spending in the downstream industry over the next 3-5 years?
  • What does the panel they see as the main strategic risks to downstream industry growth currently?
  • How does the panel think the issue of labor shortage and workforce development can be addressed? (what are their companies doing to address it).
  • What does each panelist see as the main solutions to addressing poor productivity?
  • What were the main “lessons learned” from the 1st wave of downstream projects, that are now being applied to the 2nd wave?
  • What potential new technological disruptions in capital projects, plant maintenance or supply chains should we be most excited by?

Stuart Bradie, CEO, KBR

Alasdair Cathcart, President - Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Bechtel Corporation

Samik Mukherjee, Group Senior Vice President, Projects, McDermott

Andrew Stewart, CEO - Americas, Wood

Moderated By Walter Pinto, President, PennPetChem

10:30am - 11:15am (45 mins)

Morning Coffee Break (Exhibition Hall)

Engineering & Construction

Reliability / Maintenance & Turnarounds

Supply Chain & Logistics

11:15am - 12:00pm (45 mins)
Engineering & Construction Track Room

KEYNOTE: Planning for a New Era of Capital Project Sustainability

  • Safety: What is the panels current view on tackling on safety within the global capital projects business? What is being done well and where can we still improve?
  • Workforces: An incredible challenge for all downstream developers globally, but particularly in the USGC. How are companies adapting to the challenge and what more can be done to ensure high quality and available labor on all scales of projects?
  • Future contracts & digitalization: With projects placing an increasing focus on digital deliverables, how do we need to adapt the contracting processes (traditionally paper based) to ensure that quality is accurately measured and credit is applied to EPC/contractors?

Decie Autin, VP Project Management, ExxonMobil

Ed Lehotsky, Executive Advisor (former SVP Engineering & Construction), Cheniere Energy

Jim Ellis, General Manager Global Engineering & Project Management, SABIC

Lance Medlin, Chief Projects Officer, Meridian Energy Group

Ann Esbeck, Manager of Innovation, Bechtel

11:15am - 12:05pm (50 mins)
Reliability / Maintenance & Turnarounds Track

KEYNOTE: Why the Capital Project is the Birthplace of Reliability

  • There is increasing recognition that a unit’s reliability journey doesn’t begin following start-up. The long-term health of equipment can be enhanced by properly considering design for reliability & maintenance (DFRAM) principles at every stage of a project.
  • Whilst the potential benefit of DFRAM is clear there is considerable difficulty in managing the trade-off between lowest installed cost and the long-term cost of ownership. This can result in a disconnect as to how the capital and reliability teams are benchmarked during and following construction with each team potentially working off competing scorecards.
  • It is with this context that we discuss how effectively manage a project aligned with DRFAM principles, what are the key to successful integration, how do you better share accountability and what need to be done on an executive level to encourage coordination and cooperation?

Kane Hittle, VP Capital Projects & Reliability, HollyFrontier

Randy Pound, Global Director of Maintenance & Reliability, Olin Corporation

Richard Ellis, Global DFRAM Leader, Dow

Bobby Singh, President, Project Assuarance

11:00am - 11:45am (45 mins)
Supply Chain & Logistics Track Room

KEYNOTE: Producer Fireside Chat - Supply Chain Needs in 2019 and Beyond

  • Hear from leading supply chain & logistics executives about the volumes coming online this year and beyond.
  • Develop a better understanding of producers needs from the supply chain community in light of these increased volumes - from an immediate standpoint, and the risks they must overcome in the future to ensure optimal deliveries end-to-end.
  • Learn what areas are tipped for the biggest growth potential this year.

Moderater: Clay Scott, Vice President - Project Principal, Hanson Professional Services Inc.

Rick Lissa, Senior Director - Logistics Management, Formosa Plastics

Joe Kelly, Logistics Manager - Polyethylene, Shell Chemical

Howard Peschel, Director, Global Logistics & Quality, Ascend Performance Materials

11:45am - 12:05pm (20 mins)
Supply Chain & Logistics Track Room

KEYNOTE: Trade Wars 101: Insights on Tariff and Trade Deal Impacts

  • The US petrochemical industry has been caught in the cross hairs of global tensions between the US & China, resulting in tariffs on numerous raw-material chemicals
  • Learn how the tariffs on steel and aluminium imports and on imports of chemicals and plastics from China will affect your supply chain and if/what the cost will be to you
  • Gain up-to-the-minute insights to help you make the right choices for your business in today’s everchanging political landscape
  • Hear about the likely impacts of key legislation such as USMCA, IMO 2020 and more

Ed Brzytwa, Director International Trade, American Chemistry Council

12:00pm - 12:30pm (30 mins)
Engineering & Construction Track Room

KEYNOTE: Sabine Pass & Corpus Christi case study and lessons learned

  • In an exclusive case study, explore the major engineering and construction lessons learned by Cheniere Energy and Bechtel in delivering the Corpus Christi and Sabine Pass mega projects
  • In an era where megaprojects are usually substantially over budget and months or even years behind schedule, what Cheniere & Bechtel have accomplished in such a short time period is a significant achievement. However, this was certainly not all dumb luck.
  • In this session, explore the reasons for success which involve all the parties involved, basically good planning and cooperation in meeting mutually beneficial goals. In shorter words, if owner and contractor can work as One Team, they both can be successful.

Ed Lehotsky, Executive Advisor (former SVP Engineering & Construction), Cheniere Energy

Darren Mort, General Manager LNG, Bechtel

12:05pm - 12:30pm (25 mins)
Reliability / Maintenance & Turnarounds Track Room

The Journey to Digitalizing Operating Procedures and Connecting Workers in High Hazard Environments

  • During this session, a practical discussion will be had outlining the journey made by a leading process manufacturer from their past state of operations to the future state involving the connected worker safe and reliable execution of tasks, digitalization and standardization.
  • Concepts regarding benchmarking, leading practices, building the business case and path selection will be explored.
  • The results of initial implementation will then be discussed followed by a short demonstration of the solution and discussion of the future vision for the digital workplace in process industries.

Blair Morgan, President, Innovatia (Procedure Accelerator)

Nathan Rightmer, Customer Success Manager, Innovatia (Procedure Accelerator)

12:05pm - 12:45pm (40 mins)
Supply Chain & Logistics Track Room

Real Time Tariff and Trade Deal Impacts at a Glance

  • A lively discussion amongst the supply chain businesses working hard to not only mitigate risk during challenging political changes, but to rise to the challenge and thrive

Ed Brzytwa, Director International Trade, American Chemistry Council

12:30pm - 2:00pm (90 mins)

Lunch Break (Exhibition Hall & VIP Lunch Zone)

Engineering & Construction - Lunchtime Workshop

Reliability / Maintenance & Turnarounds - Lunchtime Workshop

12:45pm - 1:45pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room E

The Digital Enterprise: Harnessing Your Data to Drive Competitive Advantage

Adapting in a timely fashion used to be the key to the success and longevity of an organization. As everything around us continues to accelerate exponentially, adapting may not be sufficient to withstand the disruptions being seen in every industry today. How can you anticipate disruptions? Or better yet, BE the disruptor? Your data assets hold the key to meeting your objectives while minimizing risk in this environment. During this session you will learn how SAP is helping organizations all over the world to harness the power of this data. Integrate your Enterprise, optimize scarce resources and create new business models that create new revenue streams.

Craig Kindleman, Director - Oil & Gas Strategic Advisory, SAP

12:45pm - 1:45pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room C

Turn Unplanned Downtime Into Planned Downtime: Using Predictive Maintenance to Prevent Failures and Reduce Turnaround Times

  • According to a recent benchmarking study by ARC Advisory Group, more than 60% of industry professionals receive less than one week notice of impending machine breakdowns. Predictive maintenance can provide much earlier prediction of failures, yet there is a perception among maintenance professionals that this approach is expensive and should be restricted to key assets only.
  • At the same time, it is widely understood that performing maintenance on an unplanned basis is many times more expensive than planned maintenance. This presentation will focus on the value of using predictive maintenance technologies to turn unplanned downtime into planned downtime. We will also explore the economic potential of using these technologies to move some maintenance activities from turnarounds to in-situ maintenance during production periods. Case studies of recent downstream examples of predictive maintenance will also be presented.

Ashok Rao, Senior Research & Development Director, AspenTech

Mike Strobel, Advisory Business Consultant, AspenTech

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Reliability & Maintenance Workshops

Reliability & Maintenance Workshops

Shutdown & Turnarounds Workshops

Supply Chain & Logistics Workshops

2:00pm - 3:30pm (90 mins)
Workshop Room E

Construction innovation; discover the latest tools, technologies and processes you’ll get to deploy on your next capital project

  • Explore the role of innovation, and assess the technologies and practices in capital project planning and execution that are ripe for innovation, including a forward-thinking case study from ExxonMobil
  • Analyse the value of creativity and continuous improvement in capital projects, not only in technology but also safety and business models
  • Gain critical takeaways you can use to support your organizations transition to “Agile” engineering, construction and project management methodologies
  • Work with owner operators and EPCs to learn how to successfully handle and promote investment in innovation and disruptive technology within your business

Kris Ramanadhan, Global Technology Scout & Venture Development Advisor, ExxonMobil

Mark Fonda, CTO, Meridian Energy Group

Mark Wrzyszczynski, Senior IT Advisor Projects & Engineering, Shell

Duane Barnes, VP Business Development, IAG

Chuck Mies, Senior Manager, Autodesk Inc, Autodesk

2:00pm - 3:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room D

Digital Transformation of Capital Projects

  • We’re excited to deliver a panel that finally looks to answer ‘where are we at, where do we want to be, and what is currently stopping us getting there’ so that finally, operators can start to extract real value from their digital
  • As the digital transformation of the downstream industry builds momentum, ensure you’re aware of the latest digital innovations targeting opportunities right across the capital projects, operations, reliability and maintenance industries
  • Explore what digital 4.0 really means for end users - explore where we stand now with digital tools, where want to get to and share perspectives with owners on how this will be achieved
  • Understand how to overcome the challenge of ‘change management’ internally when you invest and deploy digital technology, and analyse what can be done to overcome the challenge of integrating multiple stakeholders into project decision making earlier than ever before
  • Address learned from the roll-out of digital technologies, and take the opportunity to join the panel in sharing perspectives on what is realistically holding you back from achieving a greater return on investment

Adriana Garcia, IT Innovation Lead - Downstream, Shell Manufacturing

Stony Maness, Project Manager Major Projects, LyondellBasell

Mark Stam, VP Business Development, Rider International

Joe Perino, Research Analyst, LNS Global

2:00pm - 3:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room C

Project optimization; learn how to define scope earlier, incentivize contractors and ensure overall project execution success

  • Explore how owners are working to set project scope earlier and what positive value this brings to the overall capital project budget and timelines
  • Gain critical guidance on how to integrate and align all major project stakeholders as early as possible in order to mitigate the risk of later reworking of the project timelines and unexpected costs
  • Assess the current approach to contractor incentivization and how owners can work to improve the performance of all project partners both qualitatively and quantitatively in future
  • Gain key insights you can use to improve your leverage of digital tools in project management and discuss immediate opportunities to address inefficiencies and take advantage of innovation

T.A. Madhivanan (Madhi), Global EPC Contract Manager, Dow

Quincy Jones, Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Paul Won, Procurement Specialist, INEOS

Miguel Vidal, Corporate SRM, Marathon Petroleum

Suresh Kshirsagar, Manager - Capital Procurement, Covestro

2:00pm - 2:30pm (30 mins)
Workshop Room B

Asset Development: From new ventures to established operations learn how to drive more from your investment

  • Learn which project systems, process technologies, and infrastructure solutions deliver successful capital and maintenance projects with less risk and superior returns
  • Gain valuable strategic insight to maximize yield, improve efficiency and enhance safety performance across your plants
  • Right Asset Configuration: Is your business supply chain and trading group aligned with your configuration throughputs to capture maximum portfolio value?

Shawn Senf, Vice President - Downstream, Management, Audubon Companies

2:30pm - 3:00pm (30 mins)
Workshop Room B

Safety-Critical Automation Systems & Technology: Achieving on-time equipment startup to improve process safety and capital effectiveness in high hazard operations

  • Learn about strategies and work processes that can be deployed on Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) projects to ensure on-time startup of new or revamped facilities.
  • Discover the potential gaps in your standard SIS commissioning procedures that may contribute to startup delays or improperly commissioned SIS components.
  • Ready for Startup: How to ensure your plant operations has the right QA/QC oversight for complex safety and control systems.

John Pierce, Vice President - Automation, Audubon Companies

2:00pm - 3:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room G

Schedule Breakers - When is an emergency not an emergency?

  • This session will address the variables that must be considered when assessing whether or not to break your schedule? Availability of parts, labor, loss of production? What process can you use in determining the best course of action?

Chad Bates, Operations & Maintenance Gatekeeper, BASF

Stuart Fondon, Senior Maintenance Planner, ExxonMobil

Mike Strobel, Advisory Business Consultant, AspenTech

David Reed, Director of Plant Maintenance, Eastman Chemical

Amy Odom, Asset Manager - Polyols NA, BASF

2:00pm - 3:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room F

The integration of Capital Projects into Turnarounds - What is the best model?

  • The ever-present challenge of integrating capital work into the already inherently complex, costly and problem-prone process of Turnarounds continues to be a key challenge faced by Downstream facilities worldwide.
  • Join us as we bring together experts from both the turnaround and project teams to pick apart an example model of integration and determine what best practice actually looks like.
  • The aim of the session will be to first look at key issues arising from integration before using these to design the ideal model and key elements for success.

Jeff Brock, Global Manager - Performance Improvement, LyondellBasell

Eric LaPointe, Turnaround Coordinator, CP Chem

Heith Robey, Turnaround Leader, Celanese

Kevin Wauters, VP Specialty Services, JVIC

TJ Felts, Senior Consultant, AP Networks

2:00pm - 2:40pm (40 mins)
Workshop Room A

The Value of E2E Supply Chain Visibility: Improve your Operational Excellence and Increase Customer Satisfaction with the Latest End-to-End Visibility Solutions

  • Only 6 percent of companies feel they have end-to-end supply chain visibility, and 70 percent describe their supply chain as very or extremely complex. The latest E2E solutions are vying to change this.
  • Mitigate business and supply chain risks, improve lead times, respond quickly to disruptive events, and cement your value to the customer with the latest E2E supply chain strategies.
  • From rail, to warehouse, to shipping line, to port, hear which logistics players are taking the lead on visibility across the extended supply chain network to guarantee that you never lose track of a shipment.
  • Hear from the producers who are mandating visibility as the key differentiating factor with their network of suppliers.
  • Could blockchain be the answer? Real case studies that connect end-to-end.

Karn Sood, BD - Connected / Distributed Energy, Shell

Eric Eileraas, Supply Chain Manager, Kuraray

Chris Ball, President, A&R Logistics

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Reliability & Maintenance Workshops

Reliability & Maintenance Workshops

Reliability & Maintenance Workshops

Shutdown & Turnarounds Workshops

Supply Chain & Logistics Workshops

3:30pm - 5:00pm (90 mins)
Workshop Room E

Modularization; discuss critical success factors in major capital projects

  • Explore the challenges of assembling and managing globalized project teams and gain key takeaways you can use to mitigate the risk of key issues such as rework and cost escalation
  • Learn how to build and execute major capital projects at scale and gain critical insights on working with local EPCs and global contractors
  • Gain invaluable tips on taking advantage of a low construction cost environment with considerations on options for modularized units and major plant components
  • Understand what you can do to better prepare your business for cooperation with local contractors and opportunities to align your high safety, productivity and work oversight standards

*Also featuring a special case study from Buster Brown, Project Director, Technip FMC: relating to experiences from YAMAL LNG and a USGC Ethylene project. Buster Brown responsible for the modular construction scope where more than two-thirds of the structural steel and half of the piping for the entire unit were modularized, transferring four million manhours offsite. Buster oversaw the module fabrication at a module yard in China, then shipment to the Gulf Coast. The attention to quality allowed single weld hookups between modules on all six sides.

Moderated by: Vikas Moharir, SVP Business Development, Wood

Olivier Le Normand, Global Improvement Leader - Modularization Execution, Dow Chemical

David Sheffield, Capital Projects Coordinator, Huntsman Advanced Technology Center (HATC)

Buster Brown, Project Director, Technip FMC

Bob Tinn, Industry Consultant), Supply Chain Innovations LLC

3:00pm - 4:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room D

Managing Project Risks with Digital Project Execution

Increasing complexities of capital projects demand aggressive current risk prediction and risk mitigation strategies to improve delivery performance - on-time, on-budget, and operations-readiness.

These transformative strategies call for a robust interactive people-process-technology based framework that strongly depends on dynamic multi-level view of project resources as well as agile planning and organizing to account cost or schedule deviations and cross-functional interdependencies throughout the project management life span.

This session will deep-dive on how businesses are bringing their game-changing strategies to life with renewed business practices including but not limited to:

  • Practicing cross-business concurrent collaboration and robust integration, increasing project efficiency
  • Real-time multi-dimensional business intelligence capturing and visibility for effective project governance
  • Lean construction using multi-dimensional work packaging, resource management and early on-planning
  • Digitalization of contracts and deliverables to streamline handover process and promote reuse information for faster execution on future projects

Paras Trivedi, Director Energy Process & Utilities, Dassault Systèmes

Jeff Stroh, Senior Director Digital Project Delivery & PIM, McDermott International

Adriana Garcia, IT Innovation Lead - Downstream, Shell Manufacturing

Brian Duffy, Chief Scientist - Offshore Technology Services, Technip FMC

Stony Maness, Project Manager Major Projects, LyondellBasell

3:30pm - 4:30pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room C

Implementing partnerships during FEED for improved project outcomes

  • This session will focus on early engagement of industry solution providers to identify cost avoidance, smarter ways to design, supply and construct for predictable outcomes on Capital Projects.
  • The hour will include case studies where value was created based on early partnerships, adoption of innovation and expansion of best practices

Moderated by Dan Schkade, Director of International Business, Hilti

Jeff Houtz, Senior Director, Supply Chain, Fluor Corporation

Tim Staples, Senior Project Manager, Sasol Corporation

Anabella Martin, International Business Developer, Hilti Inc

Steve Dando, International Business Developer, Hilti Inc

Robert Ball, Chief Operating Officer, Atlas RFID

3:00pm - 4:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room B

Championing Operational Excellence; A Highly Improved, Sustainable Solution for Contamination Removal

  • When ‘no-brainer’ technologies exist that benefit your organization’s environmental impact, safety records, production, and profitability; why is the buying cycle ridden with so many internal roadblocks?
  • Conventional filters are a primary source of facility upsets, maintenance and downtime. What if contamination could be removed from a product stream - gas or liquid - down to sub-micron in size, with no flow restriction and at lower energy cost? What if it could hold hundreds of pounds of contamination, instead of ounces, and never need replacing? What if it only needed cleaning, and there was no expensive filter waste? What if it required no fuel or power and you could collect samples for effective predictive maintenance?
  • Equipment reliability is the first step to improving production. This workshop will focus on the success operational leaders have experienced pioneering the implementation of sustainable, low maintenance magnetic separator systems in place of high-impact conventional filters.

Jason Kulsky, President, Black Powder Solutions

Frank Hemmen, Technical Expert, Black Powder Solutions

3:00pm - 4:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room G

From Ideas to Practice - Proof of Concept Testing to Integration into Work Processes

  • Investing in digitalization and innovative technologies is a vital part of every facilities goal of increasing uptime and optimizing production.
  • However, to ensure you are backing the most beneficial innovation it is vital to select solutions that align with the long-term business vision and are within current capabilities.
  • Don’t fear failure from piloting or testing new innovation. The learning is always valued knowledge and may lead to new and even greater improvements.
  • This session will share experience in developing proof of concept pilots and methods to increase the speed of capturing value for your organization.

Ken Stevens, Director of Reliability, Invista

Tony Barre, Site Director, Indorama

Jon Bach, Asset Management Specialist, Afton Chemical

Nathan Rightmer, Customer Success Manager, Innovatia

David Armstrong, Director, Bentley Systems

3:00pm - 4:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room G

Solving 5 Key Engineering Information Management Challenges for Downstream Companies

  • Poor engineering information management can have significant consequences for downstream companies.
  • With the vast amount of information being shared, it can be extremely challenging to keep track of mission-critical engineering documentation throughout the entirety of the asset lifecycle, potentially leading to costly fines and incompliance with industry-specific guidelines and regulations.
  • This workshop will help reveal best practices for maintaining asset information throughout the asset lifecycle, a vision for the future of asset information management (AIM), and methods to break down information silos to facilitate the documentation handover process between disparate departments and external contractors.

Richard Warren, Director of Product Management, Accruent

3:00pm - 4:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room F

INSPECTIONEERING HOSTED PANEL: The Role of Inspection in Turnaround Planning & Execution

  • Minimize discovery work through an effective on-stream inspection program
  • Inspection's role in turnaround planning
  • How industry best practices like damage mechanisms reviews & RBI improve the scoping decision making process

Greg Alvarado, Chief Editor, Inspectioneering

Mark Geisenhoff, Global Fixed Equipment Leader, Flint Hills Resources

Walter Pinto, (Retired) Senior Director, Global Projects, Engineering, Maintenance, Reliability & Turnarounds, LyondellBasell

Gord Bruce, Turnaround Innovation and Strategy Lead / Event Manager, Parkland Refining

2:40pm - 3:20pm (40 mins)
Workshop Room A

A Fresh Look at U.S. Port Positioning to Support Growth in the Petrochemical Industry

  • Ports are the gateway to US petrochemical exports
  • Get the facts on current and optimum capacity, initiatives for expanded services and more
  • Listen to our experts and their critical view on emerging bottlenecks and solutions/plans in place to maximize operational excellence

Brian Hill, Western Gulf Gateway Director, US Maritime Administration

Tim Pickering, Operations Development Manager, US Maritime Administration

Sean Strawbridge, CEO, Port of Corpus Christi Authority

3:20pm - 3:30pm (10 mins)

Coffee Break

3:30pm - 4:00pm (30 mins)
Workshop Room A

Beating Down 2018 freight rate spikes and truck availability through using the SAP Cloud Solution to quickly and cost effectively Digitize the Constraint™

  • Like most chemical companies in 2018, KMG was faced with severe freight cost spikes.
  • In the face of this issue, KMG set about identifying how to become a shipper of choice and cost effectively attract drivers and carriers by becoming an easier company to do business with. Identifying that one significant concern of drivers nationally was the amount of work hours they waste waiting to be loaded and unloaded, KMG set about the task of reducing driver dwell time at their highest volume plant.
  • In this case study session, you will learn how KMG optimized their supply chain operations at their plant by building an SAP Cloud Platform app that integrated with an external TMS, to improve the driver appointment scheduling process, give real-time information on driver arrival and departure information, track their tendered loads on demand, and ultimately reduce driver dwell time and overall KMG freight costs.
  • Come experience business-centric, rapid digitization like never before!

Frikkie Koen, SAP Solution Lead, KMG Chemicals

Adam Freeman, Supply Chain Manager, KMG Chemicals

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Engineering & Construction Workshops

Reliability & Maintenance Workshops

Shutdown & Turnarounds Workshops

Shutdown & Turnarounds Workshops

Supply Chain & Logistics Workshops

4:00pm - 5:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room D

Open Process Automation (OPA); get ready to leverage the next generation of critical plant control systems

  • This OPA session will be of great value to CAPEX/ OPEX decision makers, EPC contractors, plant operations leaders and critical front-end engineering teams
  • Review the status of initiatives by the OPA Forum to develop new control system standards that emphasize interchangeability and interoperability of both hardware and software and increase end-user choice as a result
  • ExxonMobil will be on hand to share the status of their transformational OPA work and ensure all attendees leave with a solid grasp of the value next generation control systems will have right across the value chain
  • Explore opportunities for control system developers to innovate even further within process control automation to ensure that the CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies continue to grow as technological opportunities become more advanced

Case Study by Don Bartusiak, Chief Engineer Process Controls, ExxonMobil

Moderated by Joe Perino, Research Analyst, LNS Global

4:00pm - 5:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room H

Working at scale; transfer lessons learned from mega to small-medium capital projects

  • Learn how to extrapolate lessons learned from the downstream industries latest mega projects and simplify the takeaways for your smaller ($5m
  • Discover the limitations of scaling major capital project processes and review case studies of what is currently working well
  • Uncover innovative approaches to project planning, timelines and collaborative work packages when targeting small projects and major plant improvement programs
  • Explore how project managers can work more effectively to resolve traditional workforce availability challenges and better integrate all teams in the project early on

*Also featuring a special presentation from Steve Cabano, President, Pathfinder & Chair of the CII Board of Advisors: The Value of Research-Based Project Delivery Practices and Tools

As we progress into the next wave of Petrochemical Projects, we need to assess the project planning and execution approaches that support the delivery of the project in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner. Many of these projects are sited at existing facilities, which leads us to ask - Can plant-based project delivery techniques work for these large-scale project initiatives? The Construction Industry Institute (CII) has supported the engineering/construction industry with independent research on Industry Best Practices and tools that facilitate/improve all aspects of project delivery. This presentation will share some of the most recent project planning and delivery research, documentation and tools that are beneficial for use in large scale capital project initiatives.

Jan Shumate, Director Worldwide Engineering & Construction, Eastman Chemical

Nicholas Smith, Global Projects Estimator, LyondellBasell

Steve Cabano, President, Pathfinder & Chair of the CII Board of Advisors

Brent Douziech, Project Operations Executive, Rangeland Engineering

Peter Dumont, Former President, Construction Users Roundtable

4:00pm - 5:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room B

Build, Deploy, and Sustain Effective Maintenance Strategies: How organizations can move from ad hoc to dynamic Asset Strategy Management

  • Poor reliability of equipment and processes can have sudden and disastrous effects on the ability of an organization to deliver operational or project objectives.
  • Asset Strategy Management (ASM) is a process which allows organizations to capture and review data from all sources and leverage learnings to enhance asset strategies, by identifying pockets of strategy excellence and deploying those strategies across the organization where relevant. Institutionalizing ASM into the operation reduces failures, downtime and risk, and total cost of operations.
  • This workshop will introduce the key elements of building an ASM program for both existing operations and new maintenance builds.

Jason Ballentine, GM of Engineering, ARMS Reliability

4:00pm - 5:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room F

Increase your TAR efficiency and effectiveness with the Oracle TAR solution

This session will cover why deploying the Oracle TAR solution as part of an overall TAR strategy, being totally complementary to your asset management and back office solutions, will generate efficiencies and increased productivity.

  • Why a platform (TAR Lifecycle)
    • Portfolio (strategic)
      • Intervention models based on maintenance cycles
      • Investment - OPEX/CAPEX mix
    • Event-based
      • Scope optimization, governance and control across lifecycle
      • Stage gate process control & governance (FEL)
      • Supply Chain collaboration & control
      • Execution productivity
      • Start up and lessons learned
      • TAR leadership insight & visibility
  • Innovation
    • Cloud - Supply Chain access, cyber security
    • Mobility - The significant role of smart devices
    • IoT - Productivity
  • Benefits of Oracle TAR solution deployment

Geoff Roberts, Director of Energy Industry Strategy, Oracle

4:00pm - 5:00pm (60 mins)
Workshop Room D

Creating Consistency to Better Predict Costs & Schedule

  • With around 90% of Turnaround events failing to meet stated goals, 80% seeing a growth in cost and/or scope and 75% having their schedule abandoned within the first week setting a realistic scope & budget remains problematic.
  • How do you determine the base-level minimum requirement for a TAR and then use this to better inform your budget and schedule? How do you plan for the unexpected? Preventing Scope Creep?

Joe Jackson, Process Quality Assurance, LyondellBasell

Jeff Spigener, Turnaround Manager, INEOS

Robin Harris, Global Turnaround Estimating & Cost Control lead, Phillips 66

Theunis Myburg, Portfolio Manager - Maintenance, Reliability & Turnarounds, LyondellBasell

D.J. Burgduff, Project Manager - Turnaround Field Engineer, APTIM

4:00pm - 4:30pm (30 mins)
Workshop Room A

Blockchain - A Government Perspective

  • Breaking it down: a blockchain explanation for business people
  • Learn about the government’s role in developing blockchain applications for industries
  • Hear about the new standards that will increase market adoption of blockchain
  • Get the latest intelligence on pioneering governmental blockchain Case Studies (NAFTA/CAFTA, IPR, Pipeline and more)

Vincent Annunziato, Director of Business Transformation and Innovation Division, Trade Transformation Office, Office of International Trade

4:30pm - 5:00pm (30 mins)
Workshop Room A

Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities for US Polymer Distribution in Asia

  • Get the market intelligence you need for distributing US polymer products to Asia, including how the sector will address the increasing polymer capacities.
  • A new perspective: learn about the best practices of supply chain models in the Asia Hub.
  • Gain insights on the role of shipping and logistics to the polymer sector in Asia.
  • Hear the key facts about trade compliance in polymer feedstock logistics in Asia.

Ronald Lee, Senior Deputy General Manager, Enpro Supply Chain Management Ltd

5:00pm - 6:00pm (60 mins)

HAPPY HOUR Networking Drinks in the Exhibition Hall

5:30pm - 7:30pm (120 mins)

The VIP Downstream Mixer (Offsite)

With great food, music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, our VIP attendees, Speakers and Executive-Level Owner delegates will converge at Biggio’s for a private reception. The evening has been tailored to provide unrivalled networking opportunities with the best in the industry giving you a once in a year opportunity to build relationships, share knowledge, and most importantly rehydrate with an ice-cold beer!

This is only available to our Executive VIP pass holders, you can secure your ticket to 2019’s most anticipated Downstream networking event here

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