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Major engineering & construction names already confirmed for 2019

Speaking to more than 3000+ of North America’s most influential operators, refiners and EPCs, these expert speakers will deliver the very latest case studies allowing you to develop world-class projects right now.

Marcus Luttrell

Featured Speaker:

Marcus Luttrell

Former Navy SEAL
Author of “Lone Survivor”

Mike Coyle

Featured Speaker:

Mike Coyle

President of Manufacturing

  • Decie Autin
    Decie Autin VP Project Management Upstream/Downstream
  • Ed Lehotsky
    Cheniere Energy
    Ed Lehotsky Executive Advisor (former SVP Engineering & Construction)
    Cheniere Energy
  • Jim Ellis
    Jim Ellis General Manager Global Engineering & Project Management
  • Lance Medlin
    Meridian Energy
    Lance Medlin Chief Projects Officer
    Meridian Energy
  • Steve Cabano
    Pathfinder LLC
    Steve Cabano President
    Pathfinder LLC
  • Mark Fonda
    Meridian Energy Group
    Mark Fonda Chief Technology Officer
    Meridian Energy Group
  • Ann Esbeck
    Ann Esbeck Manager of Innovation
  • Thomas Grell
    Thomas Grell President Downstream & Chemicals
  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith Global Projects Estimator
  • Olivier Le Normand
    Dow Chemical
    Olivier Le Normand Global Improvement Leader - Modularization Execution
    Dow Chemical
  • Stuart Bradie
    Stuart Bradie CEO
  • Alasdair Cathcart
    Alasdair Cathcart President - Oil, Gas & Chemicals
  • Samik Mukherjee
    Samik Mukherjee Group Senior Vice President, Projects
  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart CEO - Americas
  • Brent Douziech
    Rangeland Engineering
    Brent Douziech Project Operations Executive
    Rangeland Engineering
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Major trends for the 2019 agenda:

  • Mega project delivery:

    Discover what new opportunities exist across downstream worldwide and what your business can do to capitalize on them

  • Technology Showcase:

    Uncover the very latest in engineering, construction and project safety innovations to deliver capital projects on time and budget

  • Digitize Execution:

    Unlock the power of project digitization to transform your ability to respond to challenges and make critical project decisions in real-time

  • Transform Productivity:

    All the exclusive insights you need to optimize project controls, AWP and scope development to supercharge tool-time for the whole value chain

  • Workforce Ready:

    Meet your immediate resource needs and inspire the sustainable capital projects workforce of the future

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Introducing five of the very best new sessions for 2019

Note that opportunities to feature as a speaker, panellist of live-demo are limited. Contact asap for more information now.

Explore the key opportunities, incentives and programs being run to support long-term capital investment in petrochemical, chemical, LNG and all downstream facilities globally.

KEYNOTE PANEL - Planning for a New Era of Capital Project Sustainability
  • Examine what major development, EPC and regional stakeholders can do to support sustainability of the capital projects market, including efforts to revitalize craft labor and ensure industry competitiveness of projects large and small
  • Explore what steps major players are taking to meet the challenge of cost escalation throughout design, construction and engineering - including a high-level exploration of the challenges and successes of modularization, project digitization and productivity optimization
  • Discuss trends in the demand potential of downstream products in the global marketplace, especially those that contribute to a future of low-carbon goals and sustainability targets
  • Evaluate critical lessons learned from the most recent Downstream investment book, and what indicators this provides for the value of the next wave of projects on the US Gulf Coast

ExxonMobil Decie Autin VP Project Management ExxonMobil

Cheniere Energy Ed Lehotsky E Executive Advisor Cheniere Energy

SABIC Jim Ellis General Manager Global Engineering & Project Management SABIC

Meridian Energy Group Lance Medlin Chief Projects Officer Meridian Energy Group

Bechtel Ann Esbeck Manager of Innovation Bechtel

KEYNOTE: Sabine Pass & Corpus Christi case study and lessons learned
  • In an exclusive case study, explore the major engineering and construction lessons learned by Cheniere Energy and Bechtel in delivering the Corpus Christi and Sabine Pass mega projects
  • In an era where megaprojects are usually substantially over budget and months or even years behind schedule, what Cheniere & Bechtel have accomplished in such a short time period is a significant achievement.  However, this was certainly not all dumb luck. 
  • In this session, explore the reasons for success which involve all the parties involved, basically good planning and cooperation in meeting mutually beneficial goals. In shorter words, if owner and contractor can work as One Team, they both can be successful.

Cheniere Energy Ed Lehotsky Executive Advisor (former SVP Engineering & Construction) Cheniere Energy

Bechtel Darren Mort General Manager LNG, Bechtel Bechtel

KEYNOTE: Applying globally acquired best practice to the next wave of SABIC mega projects
  • As SABIC grows its major downstream project portfolio, evaluate the major best practices gained from global mega project experiences at SABIC and how they intend to learn from and optimize their next wave of projects

SABIC Jim Ellis General Manager Global Engineering & Project Management SABIC

Construction innovation; discover the latest tools, technologies and processes you’ll get to deploy on your next capital project
  • Explore the role of innovation, and assess the technologies and practices in capital project planning and execution that are ripe for innovation, including a forward-thinking case study from ExxonMobil
  • Analyse the value of creativity and continuous improvement in capital projects, not only in technology but also safety and business models
  • Gain critical takeaways you can use to support your organizations transition to “Agile” engineering, construction and project management methodologies
  • Work with owner operators and EPCs to learn how to successfully handle and promote investment in innovation and disruptive technology within your business

*Also featuring a special presentation from Mark Fonda, CTO, Meridian Energy Group: on “The Greening of the Downstream Industry” and a discussion on how Meridian Energy will develop and build the world’s cleanest refinery

To be part of this discussion please contact please contact

ExxonMobil Kris Ramanadhan Global Technology Scout & Venture Development Advisor ExxonMobil

Meridian Energy Group Mark Fonda CTO Meridian Energy Group

Dow Chemical Olivier Le Normand Global Improvement Leader - Modularization Execution Dow Chemical

Shell Mark Wrzyszczynski Senior IT Advisor Projects & Engineering Shell

Autodesk Chuck Mies Senior Manager Autodesk

IAG Duane Barnes Vice President Business Development IAG

Modularization; discuss critical success factors in major capital projects
  • Explore the challenges of assembling and managing globalized project teams and gain key takeaways you can use to mitigate the risk of key issues such as rework and cost escalation
  • Learn how to build and execute major capital projects at scale and gain critical insights on working with local EPCs and global contractors
  • Gain invaluable tips on taking advantage of a low construction cost environment with considerations on options for modularized units and major plant components
  • Understand what you can do to better prepare your business for cooperation with local contractors and opportunities to align your high safety, productivity and work oversight standards

*Also featuring a special case study from Buster Brown, Project Director, Technip FMC: relating to experiences from YAMAL LNG and a USGC Ethylene project. Buster Brown responsible for the modular construction scope where more than two-thirds of the structural steel and half of the piping for the entire unit were modularized, transferring four million manhours offsite. Buster oversaw the module fabrication at a module yard in China, then shipment to the Gulf Coast. The attention to quality allowed single weld hookups between modules on all six sides.

To be part of this discussion please contact please contact

Dow Chemical Olivier Le Normand Global Improvement Leader - Modularization Execution Dow Chemical

LyondellBasell Nicholas Smith Global Projects Estimator LyondellBasell

Huntsman Advanced Technology Center (HATC) David Sheffield Capital Projects Coordinator Huntsman Advanced Technology Center (HATC)

Technip FMC Buster Brown Project Director Technip FMC

Wood Vikas Mohanir SVP Business Development Wood

Working at scale; transfer lessons learned from mega to small-medium capital projects
  • Learn how to extrapolate lessons learned from the downstream industries latest mega projects and simplify the takeaways for your smaller ($5m
  • Discover the limitations of scaling major capital project processes and review case studies of what is currently working well
  • Uncover innovative approaches to project planning, timelines and collaborative work packages when targeting small projects and major plant improvement programs
  • Explore how project managers can work more effectively to resolve traditional workforce availability challenges and better integrate all teams in the project early on

*Also featuring a special presentation from Steve Cabano, President, Pathfinder & Chair of the CII Board of Advisors: The Value of Research-Based Project Delivery Practices and Tools

As we progress into the next wave of Petrochemical Projects, we need to assess the project planning and execution approaches that support the delivery of the project in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner. Many of these projects are sited at existing facilities, which leads us to ask - Can plant-based project delivery techniques work for these large-scale project initiatives? The Construction Industry Institute (CII) has supported the engineering/construction industry with independent research on Industry Best Practices and tools that facilitate/improve all aspects of project delivery. This presentation will share some of the most recent project planning and delivery research, documentation and tools that are beneficial for use in large scale capital project initiatives.

To be part of this discussion please contact please contact

Eastman Chemical Jan Shumate Director Worldwide Engineering & Construction Eastman Chemical

LyondellBasell Nicholas Smith Global Projects Estimator LyondellBasell

Pathfinder Steve Cabano President Pathfinder & Chair of the CII Board of Advisors

Rangeland Engineering Brent Douziech Project Operations Executive Rangeland Engineering

Digital Transformation of Capital Projects
  • We’re excited to deliver a panel that finally looks to answer ‘where are we at, where do we want to be, and what is currently stopping us getting there’ so that finally, operators can start to extract real value from their digital
  • As the digital transformation of the downstream industry builds momentum, ensure you’re aware of the latest digital innovations targeting opportunities right across the capital projects, operations, reliability and maintenance industries
  • Explore what digital 4.0 really means for end users – explore where we stand now with digital tools, where want to get to and share perspectives with owners on how this will be achieved
  • Understand how to overcome the challenge of ‘change management’ internally when you invest and deploy digital technology, and analyse what can be done to overcome the challenge of integrating multiple stakeholders into project decision making earlier than ever before
  • Address learned from the roll-out of digital technologies, and take the opportunity to join the panel in sharing perspectives on what is realistically holding you back from achieving a greater return on investment

To be part of this discussion please contact please contact

Shell New Energies Adriana Garcia IT Innovation Lead - Downstream Shell New Energies

LyondellBasell Stony Maness Project Manager Major Projects LyondellBasell

Rider International Edi Gittenberger CEO Rider International

LNS Global Joe Perino Research Analyst LNS Global

Project optimization; learn how to define scope earlier, incentivize contractors and ensure overall project execution success
  • Explore how owners are working to set project scope earlier and what positive value this brings to the overall capital project budget and timelines
  • Gain critical guidance on how to integrate and align all major project stakeholders as early as possible in order to mitigate the risk of later reworking of the project timelines and unexpected costs
  • Assess the current approach to contractor incentivization and how owners can work to improve the performance of all project partners both qualitatively and quantitatively in future
  • Gain key insights you can use to improve your leverage of digital tools in project management and discuss immediate opportunities to address inefficiencies and take advantage of innovation

Dow T.A. Madhivanan (Madhi) Global EPC Contract Manager Dow

INEOS Paul Won Procurement Specialist INEOS

Marathon Petroleum Miguel Vidal Corporate SRM Marathon Petroleum

Covestro Suresh Kshirsagar Manager - Capital Procurement Covestro

Check out the full agenda here

Unpacking new lessons learned in Advanced Work Packaging and take it to the next level...

For 2019, we’re excited to reveal a brand new group of sessions (delivered June 12) where you’ll learn how to take your understanding of AWP to the next level and optimize the benefits across your capital projects group.

This group of sessions has been designed, curated and will be delivered by leading AWP experts and practitioners including:

  • Joel Perez
    Joel Perez AWP CoE Lead
  • Brian Vogel
    Brian Vogel AWP Champion
  • Silvana Lara
    Silvana Lara Global Director of Advanced Work Packaging
  • Ryan Posnikoff
    Bentley Systems
    Ryan Posnikoff Construction Academy Director
    Bentley Systems (Free Workshop in the Exhibition)

Schedule of Events

10.30am-12.30pm Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) essentials by Bentley Systems
  • In a free-to-attend training session, attendees will gain an entry level understanding of the core principles in AWP and receive lessons learned from its application in projects at a construction level.
  • As an introduction to AWP, this session is being designed as a perfect entry-point for owner operators, but also critically for contractors and EPC personnel as well. This will be held from in the Engineering & Construction Theatre of the Downstream 2019 Exhibition (10am - 12pm - June 12).
2pm-2.45pm Becoming a champion of AWP - lessons learned
  • In this session, learn about the transition from being a project manager to applying critical AWP principles and methodologies within your organization – as well as understand what AWP knowledge you will need to be successful
  • Learn how to review your company’s current unique internal processes, structures and management tools and then explore how to take AWP best practice off paper and customize a version of AWP that fits your organization
  • Finally, discuss lessons learned from owner operators who have looked to drive the use of their company’s AWP structure through the rest of the business, their EPCs, and critically, their contractors
2.45pm-3.30pm Taking AWP to the front-end & early planning
  • Discuss the value operators are actually trying to extract from AWP, and how to better communicate the cost/productivity value of AWP to other business units and key project stakeholders
  • Share experiences on aligning the different business units and interests within a project so that construction managers define and plan the ‘path of construction’ as early as possible in and reap the cost benefits later on
  • Explore stories and lessons learned from AWP leaders who have managed to align business interests early, as well as reflect on the effect of not doing so has on spiralling costs and timeline overruns
3.45pm-4.30pm Open Q&A Roundtables
  • Breakout into peer groups to identify 3-5 key takeaways you plan to translate from this workshop and develop further within your own business
  • Take the opportunity to network with peers and ask questions of experts in AWP and project management at different owner operators and EPCs

If you’re an owner operator, or a technical EPC you can sign up for a free ticket to the event now!

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Tailored content for every E&C job role:

With such a wealth of sessions in the engineering & construction track on offer, there truly is something for everyone. So, don’t limit your team attendance to a few key executives - make sure that every job function (from journeyman to SVP) is represented and unlock the true power of the Downstream 2019 program!

Just some of the key attendees to bring...

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Increase your visibility: We’re already marketing the event through all our channels and partners. Now is the time to jump on the band wagon for maximum exposure
Do business with people who matter: Over the two days of Downstream 2019, millions of dollars of contracts are negotiated and signed. This figure is set to rise in 2019, as spending on capital projects, maintenance & turnarounds is set to increase. 85% of attendees at Downstream 2019 are decision makers, purchasers and influencers
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