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Major process engineering & technology names already confirmed for 2019

Speaking to more than 3000+ of North America’s most influential operators, refiners and EPCs, these expert speakers will deliver the very latest case studies allowing you to maximize uptime & optimize production.

  • MJ Rahman
    MJ Rahman Director - Refining Technology
  • Sachi Maiti
    SNC Lavalin
    Sachi Maiti Global Director - Process Engineering
    SNC Lavalin
  • Dilip Dharia
    Technip FMC
    Dilip Dharia Senior Director High Olefins FCC
    Technip FMC
  • Rashid Iqbal
    Bechtel Corporation
    Rashid Iqbal Technical Specialist - Refining
    Bechtel Corporation
  • Jaydip Bhadaliya
    NARL Refining
    Jaydip Bhadaliya Manager - Business Optimization
    NARL Refining

Major trends for the 2019 agenda:

  • Process Intensification:

    Ensure the optimization of you processes and hear the latest on process control, optimization and intensification, issues and solutions

  • Process Design & Development:

    Hear the latest in new research and developments, emerging technologies, and recent innovations in the manufacture and recovery of ethylene and other base chemicals

  • Downstream Integration for Value Creation:

    Choose the right operating model and level of integration to ensure survival and sustained profitability of your plant

  • Application of Big Data Analytics in Petrochemical Production:

    Maximize production and profitability of established and future assets through data-driven optimization of operations and process safety.

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Key Sessions for 2019 Include:

Note that opportunities to feature as a speaker, panellist of live-demo are limited. Contact asap for more information now.

Explore the key opportunities, incentives and programs being run to support long-term investment in petrochemical, chemical, LNG and all downstream process engineering & technology globally.

Potential Technology solutions for increasing Petrochemical production from oil refineries
  • Discover how refiners could take advantage of the growing petrochemical market by developing cost effective ways of merging refining and petrochemicals into a single feasible complex. 
  • Hear how Bechtel have used their extensive experience of the two industries (Refining/Petrochemical) to develop a concept which converts optimum amount of crude to chemicals and transportation fuels.
  • Hear the results of this extensive study, including viable schemes which can increase conversion of crude to chemicals in the refinery.  compare leading schemes fit for upgrading of existing refineries, and for new builds, using comparative economics, reliability, risk of technologies used, and potential upgrading of by-products for rating of schemes.

Bechtel Corporation Rashid Iqbal Technical Specialist - Refining Bechtel Corporation

Maximizing crude to chemicals: systematic approach for refiners
  • Learn what stepwise approach refiners can take to progressively and efficiently increase their petrochemicals production and the process technologies that are key to increase that percentage
  • Hear about original, integrated refinery configurations allowing to transition from the fuel to the petrochemical market highlighting the underlying challenges of such shift and strategies to overcome them efficiently.
  • Discover recent advances in Process and Catalyst technologies in converting a variety of feeds into light olefins and of how they can be used in combination with a variety of feeds, allowing the refinery configuration to evolve, enabling refiners to be successful in becoming the petrochemicals producers of the future.

Technip FMC Dilip Dharia Senior Director High Olefins FCC Technip FMC

Olefins Technologies Provide Key Flexibility to Ensure Profitability
  • Discover why flexibility is essential to maximizing profitability ,and therefore olefins producers should consider technologies beyond traditional steam cracking
  • Hear how KBR’s Catalytic Olefins Technologies (including K-COTTM and MAXOFINTM) help maximize feed and product flexibility, and thus help ensure overall profitability
  • Learn about the key features and status of these technologies and hear exclusive case study examples for both grass roots situations and revamp strategies (including current projects which are underway)

KBR KT Han Director of Technology, Olefins KBR

Cost-effective Bottoms Upgrading Refinery Schemes using SDA
  • Hear about ROSE the market leading Solvent deasphalting (SDA) technology from KBR that can enable and be combined with a variety of hydrocracking process, ranging from mild-to-high pressure hydrocracking as well as slurry hydrocracking
  • Combining high-lift ROSE with high conversion hydrocracking (especially once-through, >95% conversions) with an integrated solidification system would mean a significant reduction in fuel oil exposure and result in higher overall margin than other residue upgrading options
  • KBR will present schemes using combinations of solvent deasphalting with hydrocracking and solidification processes, discussing economic and operating benefits of other bottom-of-the barrel schemes and commercial examples (i.e. debottleneck VDU and/or synergize with cokers), where applicable

KBR MJ Rahman Director, Refining Technology KBR

Crude-Oil-to-Chemicals: Transforming the Refining & Petrochemicals Sector
  • Discover the key trends in global crude oil and petrochemical demand growth
  • Understand the impact of shale gas on the cost of ethylene production versus other global feedstocks
  • Evaluate the key options being considered in OTC complexes including technology configuration options and pros/cons of various processing options
  • Analyze the economics of the OTC configuration and project IRR versus conversion to chemicals

Jacobs Consultancy Jerry Price Director - Petrochemicals Jacobs Consultancy

Addressing optimization constraints without shutting down - a case study
  • Discover how the team at NARL Refining helped their refinery improve high value distillates yield by ~2% which is equivalent to US$12.8MM a year in savings or margin boost - accomplished without shutting down the unit.
  • Understand how a decision to shutdown would have cost the refinery a total around US$14MM in maintenance and lost processing opportunity.
  • Learn why it’s important to address constraints while maintaining up time of the processing units to prevent losses and help maximize profitability.

NARL Refining Jaydip Bhadaliya Manager - Business Optimization NARL Refining

Refining & Petrochemicals: To integrate or not to integrate?
  • Discover how to balance the investment risks of an integrated refinery/petrochemical project risks with the optimization of potential rewards
  • Evaluate an innovative investment planning road map with a number of case studies for integrated refining and petrochemicals complex’ that optimize the process using linear programming (LP) modelling considering various techno-economic parameters and constraints
  • Understand the full techno-economic benefit of switching to an integrated complex

SNC Lavalin Sachi Maiti Global Director - Technology Taskforce & Process Engineering SNC Lavalin

Profit Pivot Points in Crude to Chemicals Integrated Complexes
  • Examine the objectives and strategies available with the latest innovative technologies to maximize refinery profitability via petrochemicals
  • Hear how an integrated refinery/petrochemical complex has several profit pivot points that can make or break a project
  • Learn how a coherent design and operational strategy will enable these pivot points to work in unison and provide the opportunity to maximize profit across the cycles of crude, petrochemicals and energy prices

McDermott Aivars Krummins VP Downstream McDermott

LyondellBasell Technology: Advancing Possible
  • Hear about the latest advances in product performance enabled by LyondellBasell’s proprietary multizone circulating reactor (MZCR) – the heart of our innovative Spherizone and Hyperzone processes for the production of polypropylene (PP) and multi-modal high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Discover recent developments in the area of catalysts for PP which are improving product performance and plant operations
  • Learn how Innovation in process design and catalysis, combined with operational excellence, is driving LyondellBasell's unique technology portfolio to deliver differential performance, creating value for the user and positioning them for long term success in response to a constantly changing environment

Lyondellbasell Steve Davis Licensing Manager - Americas Lyondellbasell

Oil-To-Chemicals Pathways Renewed By Separations and Catalysis Developments
  • Review existing, former and possible future Oil-To-Chemical pathways
  • Examine the impact of improved separation methods, paraffin conversion to chemically active species and olefin derivatization catalyst development on the viability of these paths.
  • Identify the separation and catalyst development needs for possible future Oil-To-Chemical pathways

Advisian Armin Azabajian Senior Consultant - Process Engineering Advisian

Improving Product Quality Control with Digital Transformation
  • Hear how as part of Braskem Digital Strategy, they took their first step to use Machine Learning to improve Product Quality Control in the company
  • Hear how in order to extract knowledge and data intelligence from the processes, Braskem departed from a large historical database and applied Big Data Analytics
  • Discover how the Data analytics were then applied in most relevant variables to obtain Virtual Analysers to provide a qualified and agile response to process adjustments, allowing decisions to be made quickly and accurately reducing generation of off-spec products and leveraging entire productive chain results.

Braskem Gustavo Neumann Automation SME Braskem

Petrochemicals – Enhanced Profitability Thru Innovation

Honeywell UOP Frank Zhu Senior Fellow Honeywell UOP

Honeywell UOP Jim Johnson R&D Director for Petrochemicals Honeywell UOP

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Tailored content for every process engineering job role:

With such a wealth of sessions in the reliability & maintenance track on offer, there truly is something for everyone. So, don’t limit your team attendance to a few key executives – make sure that every job function (from journeyman to SVP) is represented and unlock the true power of the Downstream 2019 program!

Just some of the key attendees to bring...

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Headline speakers confirmed for 2019:

Marcus Luttrell

Featured Speaker:

Marcus Luttrell

Former Navy SEAL
Author of “Lone Survivor”

Mike Coyle

Featured Speaker:

Mike Coyle

President of Manufacturing

  • Stuart Bradie
    Stuart Bradie CEO
  • Alasdair Cathcart
    Alasdair Cathcart President - Oil, Gas & Chemicals
  • Samik Mukherjee
    Samik Mukherjee Group Senior Vice President, Projects
  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart CEO - Americas
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