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Gas Power Plant Project Case Studies - Individual Presentations (15-20 mins)

Here from a series of Natural Gas Power Plant Developers as they share their successes and pitfalls on past, current and planned projects - touching on issues such as:

  • Better and Effective Scope Creation
  • Utilizing innovation to increase construction efficiency
  • Improving Productivity
  • Capital Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Uses of new technology in engineering & construction
  • Ensuring project start up is issue free, on time and on budget

Applying lessons learned to the latest megaprojects

  • Gain key insights into the major best practices that will be applied in the new major capital projects to ensure the whole supply chain is geared towards ‘on-time and on-budget’ more than ever before
  • Capital Cost Reduction Strategies (to better compete with renewables)
  • Critically evaluate some of the main factors behind successes and failures in past major capital projects to ensure that your business and supply chain are protected against risk and waste as much as possible
  • Explore the impact of clear communication in large supply chains and the steps the gas power industry is taking to apply the very latest lessons learned from both internal and external lessons learned

[EPC PANEL] Apply peer best practice to new gas power plant mega projects

Major EPC decision makers share executive level best practice and insights to break down key challenges, hurdles and opportunities, including; workforces, cost escalation, FEED and stakeholder management

  • Examine what major development, EPC and regional stakeholders can do to support the labour markets availability of skills and competitiveness moving forwards
  • Explore what steps major players are taking to meet the challenge of cost escalation throughout design, construction and engineering efforts
  • Evaluate executive responses to major technology development trends in the Gas Power Plant engineering & construction industry, including new potential applications for the latest digital and AI innovation

Workforce Ready

Meet your immediate resource needs and inspire the sustainable capital projects workforce of the future

Use innovative training technology to increase tool-time and prevent re-work

  • Discover the opportunities for augmented reality (AR) technology to provide a boost to engineering and construction training at all levels of the business
  • Examine case studies that link the value of AR or virtual reality (VR) training tools to project tool-time and avoided re-work
  • Understand what grassroots initiatives your business can support to increase the availability of innovative training technology to vital high-school/college programs and support the desirability of energy industry jobs nationwide

Executive perspectives; break the back of the North American workforce and project sustainability crisis

  • Unpack the trends in workforce availability in North America
  • Share innovative case histories of major initiatives to secure the next-generation resource and better handle the transition of knowledge from an aging project management workforce
  • Explore what needs to be done at an executive level by Owners and EPCs to promote and sustain the necessary jobs market in North America and prevent major lost opportunities

Transform Productivity

All the exclusive insights you need to optimize project controls, AWP and scope development to supercharge tool-time for the whole value chain

Align contractors to gain proven Advanced Work Packaging benefits

  • Understand the principals behind advanced work packaging (AWP) and its use in other industries to kick start positive changes in many small-medium capital projects
  • Hear how owners and EPCs are working more closely with contactors to increase the tool time and execution quality of capital projects in the field using innovative AWP methodologies and systems
  • Get up to speed with the champions of AWP, the tangible results we can evaluate and where the Gas Power industry can look to integrate these practices immediately to see even better results the next 5-years

Agile project & scope development methodologies

  • As the capital projects industry find productivity falling, respond by understanding the value of start-up style work practices and the learn what incorporating ‘agile’ to projects entails
  • Explore the value created by agile teams in the major infrastructure market where innovation, speed and efficiency are highly valued and sought after
  • Discuss the cultural shift that is required by gas power project owners, EPC’s and contractors to better exploit even the smallest lessons learned in agile or lean work practices in capital project conceptualization, planning, delivery and execution

Resolve key project controls pain points to do more with less

  • Address the obstacles greater project productivity when you work to streamline project controls even further
  • Assess the viability of new software and process systems to better manage projects and enhance productivity of all your North American capital projects
  • Understand, with case studies, how Owners and EPC’s can achieve more with less and ensure internal systems do not restrict the flow of essential information between the field, project management and engineering teams

Build project scope that optimizes contracts and project management

  • In a new workshop, engage with experienced owner operators, EPCs, consultants, project managers, procurement heads and supply chain decision makers and invaluable stories that unlock previously hidden tips and tactics to setting a project scope that optimizes the whole supply chain from the start
  • Work in groups to explore trends in strategies, expectations and deliverability in all areas critical to project success, including; vision alignment, stakeholder communication, contract guarantees, deliverables and incentives

Unleashing radical construction innovation

  • Major projects the world over all face the challenge of matching project deliverability to the core commercial vision, so in a new session, take advantage of critical engineering and construction case studies from projects across the globe

Inbound supply chain and capital project procurement

  • Hear from key stakeholders in project management, controls, procurement and contracts on efforts to digitize inbound supply chains
  • Explore efforts to create a greater volume of data-points in the procurement and transportation of key materials and components
  • Understand, from peer led case studies, how to better model your construction strategy early to optimize the arrival and fabrication of key plant units in the field

To Modularize or not to Modularize?

  • Key Considerations for the modular route; what project scenarios justify the modular route
  • How to design for maximum fabrication opportunities
  • Will a complete or partial modular construction strategy deliver you real ROI on your project? Investment in a complete modularization study to evaluate all the alternative
  • Hear from OEMs and what they can do for you.
  • Specific case study examples as to how modularization can contribute to successful major projects

Tariffs, capital projects and Investment in a reactive policy environment

  • In a world of increasing trade friction, explore the impact of recent trade tariff disputes on the cost of capital project planning, FID’s and execution
  • Gain the critical insights on the future of major tariffs on steel and other essential products you need to better prepare your business for a volatile policy environment

Technology Showcase

Uncover the very latest in engineering, construction and project safety innovations to deliver capital projects on time and budget. Live demos and innovative product talks are delivered in our Engineering & Construction Theatre within our 50+ booth trade show area, with 2,000+ exhibition visitors attending. Topics in this construction theatre can include, but are not limited to:

  • Augmented Reality Tools
  • State-of-the-art Robotics
  • Process Automation Technology
  • Drones & Inspection Equipment
  • Game Changing Safety Tools
  • Heavy List Solutions
  • The latest VR Hardware
  • Project Controls Software
  • Innovative AWP Packages

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