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Panda Power Constructing Large Combined-Cycle Powerplants

  • Hear from one of the nation’s largest gas power plant developers on the secret to successful project development
  • Understand how Panda Power dealt with the huge challenge of going from no projects to over five in a short period and the execution strategy they developed to succeed
  • Learn about how Panda Power utilized innovative project strategies to mitigate risks, address workforce shortages and deliver multiple world class projects across North America

Panda Power Funds Richard Evans Senior Vice President - EPC Panda Power Funds

Power Plant Digital Transformation - From Concept to Reality

  • Harness emerging software-based technology, to rely more heavily on the accuracy of our computing to increase uptime and reduce human error
  • Hear how the IoT-fueled revolution that is underway will enable leaders to train teams more efficiently and ensure their plants are optimized for peak performance
  • Learn how new digital solutions will help you identify operating efficiencies, improve safety and decrease unscheduled maintenance

Emerson Robert Yeager President - Power & Water Emerson

Case Study - Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC New 485 MW Gas Power Plant Project for Ohio

  • Get the inside track on the successful FID of the brand new 485 MW Gas Power Plant at the Long Ridge Energy Terminal in Ohio
  • Hear how LRET worked with key investors, state and local governments in order to secure a successful FID on the project and how you could do the same
  • Learn about LRET’s project strategy to construct on of the most energy efficient power plants of its kind in the world on budget and to schedule

Long Ridge Energy Terminal Robert Wholey President Long Ridge Energy Terminal

DTE Energy - Best in Class Construction, Estimates and Timing

  • Gain insight from one of the US leading Utilities on their current $1Bn gas power plant construction project in Michigan
  • Learn how DTE’s team have developed a best in class construction, estimation and timing strategy and how you can do the same
  • Hear their experience so far on their current major project and what key lessons they have learned so far to drive continued project success

DTE Energy Michael Banks Manager - Power Engineering DTE Energy

The Challenges and Opportunities in Project Financing

  • Hear from the best in the business on how to ensure your vision doesn’t fall at the first hurdle.
  • Get the low down on what your future investors really care about
  • Create your own checklist for success to guarantee a smooth transition to the development stage

Emberclear Raj Suri CEO Emberclear

Apply peer best practice to new gas power plant mega projects

  • Examine what major development, EPC and regional stakeholders can do to support the labour markets availability of skills and competitiveness moving forwards
  • Explore what steps major players are taking to meet the challenge of cost escalation throughout design, construction and engineering efforts
  • Evaluate executive responses to major technology development trends in the Gas Power Plant engineering & construction industry, including new potential applications for the latest digital and AI innovation

Duke Energy Case Study - Citrus Combined Cycle Station

  • Gain insight into the delivery of Duke Energy’s $1.5 billion Citrus County Station project, serving 1.8 million customers
  • Learn the key lessons and takeaway’s Duke’s team made looking back over the projects life cycle and apply them to your own
  • Understand Duke’s secret to successful project execution and integrate some of their best practices into your operations

Duke Energy Wayne Toms Project Director - Citrus County Duke Energy

Achieving Project Predictability Through Advanced Work Packaging: Strategies and Tactics for Success

  • Understand why you should adopt AWP and the key benefits to your organisation
  • Key components of the AWP system for your plant
  • Getting started with AWP: from pilot projects to a site transformation

Concord Project Technologies Olfa Hamdi CEO Concord Project Technologies

Inbound supply chain and capital project procurement

  • Hear from key stakeholders in project management, controls, procurement and contracts on efforts to digitize inbound supply chains
  • Explore efforts to create a greater volume of data-points in the procurement and transportation of key materials and components
  • Understand, from peer led case studies, how to better model your construction strategy early to optimize the arrival and fabrication of key plant units in the field

NET Power’s Zero Emissions Gas Power Plant Project

  • Hear about NET Power’s landmark La Porte Texas plant which promises to capture all its emissions effectively at zero extra cost
  • Get the inside track on the effectiveness of the carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) employed at the plant
  • Learn about NET Powers plans to scale up to a full sized power plant (300 MW) as soon as 2021 and what that could mean for the future of gas power plant design

NET Power Charlie Bowser CEO NET Power

The Importance of the Pre-Planning Phase to Your Project Development Success

  • Proven effective strategies to successfully realise and implement your project development objectives
  • Discover the secret to successful site development, permitting, facility and infrastructure cost, facility performance and equipment procurement

Southern Company Joey Steele Business Development & Acquisitions Southern Company

To Modularize or not to Modularize?

  • How to design for maximum fabrication opportunities
  • Will a complete or partial modular construction strategy deliver you real ROI on your project? Investment in a complete modularization study to evaluate all the alternative
  • Hear from OEMs and what they can do for you.
  • Specific case study examples as to how modularization can contribute to successful major projects

Lessons Learned for Project Financing

  • How can project developers optimizing financing large-scale projects, learning from various global examples
  • Mitigating risks in projects so budgets do not spiral out of control

Mott MacDonald Al Ferrer Vice President Consulting Services Mott MacDonald

Data Driven Successful Project Delivery

  • Hear from one of the US’ largest EPCs on utilising data and technology to successfully develop operational gas plants
  • Case study into digitalising processes to cut costs and optimise efficiency

Kiewit Jake Macholtz VP, Technology & Continuous Improvement Kiewit

Major Project Developments Q&A

Duke Energy Wayne Toms Project Director - Citrus County Duke Energy

Long Ridge Energy Terminal Robert Wholey President Long Ridge Energy Terminal

NET Power Charlie Bowser CEO NET Power

DTE Energy Michael Banks Manager - Power Engineering DTE Energy

Tariffs, capital projects and Investment in a reactive policy environment

  • In a world of increasing trade friction, explore the impact of recent trade tariff disputes on the cost of capital project planning, FID’s and execution
  • Gain the critical insights on the future of major tariffs on steel and other essential products you need to better prepare your business for a volatile policy environment

Financing Gas Plant Mega Projects Q&A

Mott MacDonald Al Ferrer VP Mott MacDonald

Emberclear Raj Suri CEO Emberclear

Southern Company Joey Steele Business Development & Acquisitions Southern Company

What is the Best Contracting Method for the Delivery of a Natural Gas Fired Plant?

Bowen Tom Kyner Vice President Bowen

Panda Powers Richard Evans Senior Vice President - EPC Panda Powers

Resolve key project controls pain points to do more with less

  • Address the obstacles greater project productivity when you work to streamline project controls even further
  • Assess the viability of new software and process systems to better manage projects and enhance productivity of all your North American capital projects
  • Understand, with case studies, how Owners and EPC’s can achieve more with less and ensure internal systems do not restrict the flow of essential information between the field, project management and engineering teams

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