Your Invitation to a Special Networking Function with Eaton & WESCO

Extended Networking Opportunity & Exclusive Power Systems Experience Center Tour:

All delegates are invited to join a tour of Eaton’s full-scale laboratory and demonstration facility near Pittsburgh. 

<> More Quality Networking Time
<> Your Chance to Experience Live Technology Demonstrations That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Departing from the conference hotel at 1.45pm June 20 by private transport. Delegates will be returned to the conference hotel or airport for approximately 5.00pm.

At the Power Systems Experience Center (PSEC) - Pittsburgh, you can see the latest advances in electrical power quality, energy management and safety. In this controlled environment, visitors observe product testing and performance, participate in live demonstrations and training courses, and learn about power management technologies from Eaton experts. The PSEC’s goal is to help take the mystery out of electrical power systems and make them come to life.

Strictly limited to 100 places, RSVP now below!

1.45pm - 5.00pm June 20

Delegates that would like to register for the tour are invited to RSVP to


10 great reasons you should visit the Power Systems Experience Center on June 20th…

1. The PSEC’s customized testing capabilities enable visitors to test real products and systems, exposing them to electrical interaction, without safety risks or potential product damage.

We create countless scenarios to uncover risk and design flaws in any power system or electrical component.

2. With full scale equipment from the utility substation down to the receptacle, the PSEC delivers customized training for electrical system reliability, electrical safety, energy management and microgrids.

More than 80% of visitors to the PSEC receive customized electrical training.

3. The network vault area features solutions for vault applications and equipment life extension and modernization.

The PSEC is co-located with Eaton's PBRc capable of upgrading 30-60 year old breakers. The network vault features VisoVac fault interrupters and network protectors.

4.The residential room features energy savings and efficiency solutions for residential applications within a real home environment.

Interactive demos include the Green ATS, which intelligently manages electrical loads to maximize output of a smaller generator to a residential microgrid capable of optimizing available PV, battery and utility power sources.

5.The power quality lab bridges the gap between laboratory simulations and practical applications for commercial and industrial power systems.

The lab offers full-scale, energized equipment with dynamic source capabilities to fully explore how power quality issues, including voltage variations, surges, and harmonics have a direct impact on your power system loads.

6.The industrial training lab features hands-on training with medium and low voltage switchgear highlighting arc flash safety applications.

Experience live interaction with Eaton’s arc flash safety solutions, including the arc flash reduction maintenance system and arc-resistant switchgear with complete operation of various remote racking devices.

7.The data center features airflow management, power distribution, cable management, metering and monitoring and backup power.

The data center demonstrations showcase UPS energy efficiency options, the effects of generator sources, voltage sags and interruptions, airflow management, power distribution units and transfer switches.

8.The PSEC’s approach to hands-on-training offers visitors the opportunity to interact directly with live products installed in real applications.

Our trade school environment features an air flow drive demonstration, a power systems lab bench and a “behind the walls” display of commercial and residential facilities.

9.The full-scale microgrid solution powers hands-on demonstrations of the utility substation and utility distribution areas serving multiple markets, from industrial to residential.

The application’s capabilities include solution testing and demonstrations for solar, energy storage, generator and utility feeds, utilizing Eaton’s Power Xpert Energy Optimizer™ controller.

10. The utility area highlights Eaton’s solutions from automation and control to full scale equipment in a utility substation, pad mounted switchgear and pole top distribution equipment.

PSEC visitors can witness a lightning storm which causes a tree to drop onto the power line, triggering a fault.

Your Invitation to Eaton’s Power Systems Experience Center - Pittsburgh
Your Invitation to Eaton’s Power Systems Experience Center - Pittsburgh

Sponsored by EATON & WESCO

Sponsored by EATON & WESCO Sponsored by EATON & WESCO

Delegates that would like to register for the tour are invited to RSVP to

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