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KEYNOTE: Producer Fireside Chat- Supply Chain Needs in 2019 and Beyond
  • Hear from key industry players about the volumes coming online and what the immediate supply chain implications.
  • Develop a better understanding of producers needs from the supply chain community- immediate and looking ahead.
  • Understand a producer’s view of the supply chain and their key concerns.

CP Chem Bob Rhoades General Manager, Global Supply Chain CP Chem

Formosa Rick Lisa Senior Director of Logistics Management Formosa

Shell Chemical Joe Kelly Logistics Manager - Polyethylene Shell Chemical

DuPont Christopher Williams Global Supply Chain Manger DuPont

The Digital Supply Chain - What Can it Do for You?
  • From Supply Chain Toward a Digital Supply Network
  • “Real world” example of the transformation of a Supply Chain function to a Digital Supply Network
  • Make Supply Chain 4.0 a reality today!

MercuryGate Speaker TBC MercuryGate

Speaker TBC - Contact

Harris County Update Session
  • Session Details TBC

Harris Country Judge Ed Emmett Harris Country

What Texas' Production Boom Means for Petrochemical and Logistics 
  • Session Details TBC

Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton Texas Railroad Commissioner

Advancing Your Capabilities Toward a Digital Supply Network: What Will be your Road Map?
  • Master the art of developing an action plan in the new era of digitalization to ensure you aren’t left behind
  • Learn how to successfully adopt and exploit these technologies to optimize your supply chain.
  • Get the facts on what does digitalization, its implications, challenges and opportunities really mean for the petrochemical supply chain in terms of operational efficiency
  • Hear from leading experts on Blockchain real talk- what it means and how can it add value

Ineos Richard Scharchburg Logistics Operations Manager Ineos

Chevron Corey Vickers Global Logistics Category Manager Chevron

Dupre Bob Verret CIO Dupre

William Wehrle Independent Consultant

Overcoming Hurdles & Congestion State-Side
  • Session details TBC

Engineered Rail Solutions Engineered Rail Solutions

Corporate America’s new dilemma: Increased Freight Costs
  • A frank discussion about the 15% increased freight rates in truck and rail.
  • Understand the need for the increased costs and be sure that it translates into an increased level of service.
  • Be sure you aren’t being taken for a ride.

Covestro Bruce Sullivan Director Logistics Strategy & Procurement Supply Chain Centre North America Covestro

Speaker TBC - Contact

What the Truck?
  • ELD 101- The must-have information on what new tracking regulations actually mean for trucking and how it will affect transportation times.
  • Be sure that your route to market is fully prepared, hear about the initiatives trucking companies are taking to improve human capacity and productivity.
  • Ensure your product gets to market as promised

Huntsman Josh Nordlund Truck Transportation Manager Huntsman

Jetco Logistics Brian Fielkow CEO Jetco Logistics

Dupre Reggie Dupre CEO Dupre

Resource Global Professionals David Bazzetta Lead Business Consultant Resource Global Professionals

Improving Rail Service Reliability and Consistency
  • Hear from our experts on what steps should be taken to strengthen infrastructure through rail solutions for the petrochemical supply chain market
  • Get a play by play on current and upcoming capital investments and how it will increase rail capacity and efficiency
  • Understand efforts toward a better customer experience. Hear on Service performance, agility and technological enhancements
  • Practical steps that can be taken for great visibility

Union Pacific Speaker TBC Union Pacific

Savage Services Phillip Hoskins Sr. Director Business Development Savage Services

Shell Chris Jackson Logistics Manager Shell

Trade Wars 101
  • As Trump shakes up global trade get the facts the current US political environment’s effect on the future of petrochemical supply chain.
  • Understand how the new 25% tariff on steel imports and 10% on aluminium will affect your supply chain and if/what the cost will be.
  • Know now to prepare for the future.

Speaker TBC - Contact

Container Conundrum 101
  • Review what efforts have been made to increase visibility and reduce container shortage?
  • Practical, efficient and economical lessons learned and can be re-applied from the container shortage to the rest of supply chain?
  • How to unlock the potential on real time data and collaboration: The Port of Houston,
  • Sunburst Truck Lines and Packwel case study

Speakers TBC- contact

Houston Still Strong - A year on from Hurricane Harvey
  • Develop a better understanding of how to improve resilience of our supply chain and preparing for the next hurricane Harvey.
  • Take a fresh look at what we achieved and learned this past year?
  • Understand what is still to be done thinking ahead through 2020.

Texas Senate Senator Larry Taylor Texas Senate

Sector Houston-Galveston Captain Kevin D. Oditt Sector Commander Sector Houston-Galveston

Speaker TBC - Contact

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Managing the Wild Swings in Supply Chain Export Needs
  • Its True! The US Petrochemical exports are rising to record levels.
  • Get an expert analysis and commentary of the ramifications to the local and global markets, supply chains and logistics with a focus on the upcoming export growth
  • A discussion how to manage and prepare the supply chain for the next mass exportation of petrochemicals
  • An Experts eye on current and optimum capacity, initiatives for expanded services and more
  • Get ahead of emerging bottlenecks and stay updated on the innovate solutions in place to maximize operational excellence
  • Be sure your business in the position to best take advantage for the next wave of exports

Kansas City Southern Jennifer Fussell VP Sales and Marketing Kansas City Southern

Bulkmatic Camilo Gomez Manager of Polymers & Minerals Bulkmatic

Chevron Reggie Brown Global Category Manager, Logistics Chevron


Speaker TBC - Contact

Drafting a Plan in the New Age of Petrochemicals
  • A fresh look at U.S. Port positioning to support growth in the petrochemical industry
  • Get the facts on current and optimum capacity, initiatives for expanded services and more
  • Listen to our experts and their critical view on emerging bottlenecks and solutions/plans in place to maximize operational excellence
  • Control versus influence over supply chain efficiency for Ports specifically

South Carolina Port Authority Paul McClintock VP Sales & Marketing South Carolina Port Authority

Octagon Clifford Lee VP Octagon Supply Chain, LLC

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail- The Cornerstone of Procurement in Mega Projects
  • Drive efficiency and effectiveness in inbound logistics
  • Deliver operational excellence, reduce risk and drive business profitability associated with project cargo logistics services by considering them early
  • Develop and review logistics plans and solutions to ensure that sufficient allowance is made for contingencies and identify critical areas of risk

Air Liquide Joye Runfola Head of Projects Supply Chain Air Liquide

Speaker TBC - Contact

Crossing the Pond- Are We Ready?
  • The essential questions asked by major petrochemical producers on their main concerns in the runs up to the export gold rush.
  • The essential questions answered by world class ocean carriers at the dawn of a new era in petrochemicals.
  • Hear from leading-edge professionals on how and what they are investing to increase capacity and efficiency.
  • Be sure that your cargo is in the best hands

Speaker TBC - Contact

Transformative integrated water resources infrastructure management on America’s Energy Coast
  • Hear from US Army Corp of Engineers on the latest studies and projects, both ongoing and budgeted, for watershed flood risk management, coastal storm risk management, ecosystem restoration, and navigation
  • Understand how these changes will help to protect the energy industries from future flood risks and will support a vibrant economy, resilient communities, and healthy coastal ecosystems for generations to come

US Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District Edmund Russo Deputy District Engineer for Programs & Project Management US Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

IBM-Maersk Blockchain Platform: Breakthrough for Supply Chain?
  • Hear from the leaders in Blockchain application in supply chain
  • Become an expert on efficiency gains and opportunities coming from streamlining and standardizing information flows using digital solutions
  • What could be more practical? Learn now and implement in to your supply chain later.

Speaker TBC - Contact

Strictly Business - Optimization of Supply Chain Year on Year
  • Get the facts on how well the petrochemical supply chain is coping with increased volumes so far.
  • Adapting to the new Geopolitical Landscape: ramification of recent “America-First” events on supply chain strategy and needs for agility
  • Get the low-down on new partnerships and the importance of partnering for supply chain success.
  • Hear from the ultimate authority on what more must be done, and quickly, to support current petrochemical export volumes. What does the future hold, and must we act now?

Kuraray America Inc. Eric Eileraas Global Procurement MangerKuraray America Inc.



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