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2020 Agenda

We’re pleased to unveil PSCL2020’s brand new agenda! With all new topics, sessions and panel opportunities, browse the page below for a glimpse of what’s in store this June!

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Dynamic Global Trade Outlook - Impacts on the Petrochemical Industry

Global trade disputes and negotiations and the uncertainty they bring have affected petrochemical supply chain strategies since mid-2018. In this session, you’ll get the latest updates on trade policy actions, ongoing negotiations, the status of the World Trade Organization, and trends in international chemicals regulation.

American Chemistry Council Ed Brzytwa Director for International Trade American Chemistry Council

PANEL: Dynamic Global Trade Outlook - Impacts on the Petrochemical Industry

A lively discussion amongst the supply chain businesses working hard to not only mitigate risk during challenging political changes, but to rise to the challenge and thrive

American Chemistry Council Ed Brzytwa Director for International Trade American Chemistry Council

Dow Chemical Lisa Schroeter Global Director of Trade & Investment Policy Dow Chemical

SABIC Matthew Zahand Manager, International Logistics & Trade Compliance SABIC

Lyondellbasell Laura Chambers Federal Government Relations Lyondellbasell

Export Transportation Optimization: The Role of Carriers, Ports and Marine Terminals in the Resin Supply Chain
  • Exporters can better serve international customers, improve inventory management and lower transportation costs when ports closest to the place of manufacture are able offer multiple carriers options with large scale volume capacity to a wider range of overseas markets
  • Marine Container Terminal capacity and high efficiency levels at ports that leverage infrastructure and technology to continuously improve the customer experience are vital in ensuring an efficient and cost-effective resin export supply chain
  • Not all Marine Container Terminals are the same.  Protect your capital investment and keep your export product flowing by choosing a customer centric port with a robust plan to better serve you

Port of Houston Roger Guenther CEO Port of Houston

Keynote: Panel - Digital Strategy in Petrochemical Producer Supply Chains
  • Every petrochemical business is on a unique digital journey. This session will form a core discussion piece surrounding the topic of digital integration within North America’s largest petrochemical organisations; the current digital integration status and aims for the future.
  • In the age of data, there’s a wealth of information to cut through if - and when - a shipment falls off the grid. Hear from an elite panel of senior supply chain professionals, detailing the challenge of harnessing big data, and how they’re working to create connected visibility on all shipments.
  • Where to next? Once the foundational digital strategy is achieved, you can apply critical business intelligence on top. From AI, predictive analytics, machine learning and more - learn what to use next and how best to use it.
  • Digitalisation equals organisational change - learn how best to guide your workforce through this transitional process.

BASF Bret Bement Director Supply Chain Petrochemicals North America BASF

Kuraray Eric Eileraas Senior Supply Chain Manager Kuraray

Chevron Reggie Brown Category Manager - Logistics Chevron

Future Innovator: Dow’s Supply Chain Digital Fulfilment Center
  • In this session, you’ll discover the secret to Dow’s supply chain innovation approach
  • Service offerings from innovation team
  • Example: Dynamic supply chain modeling and design

Dow Chemical Adriana Vasquez Lead Supply Chain Manager Dow Chemical

BASF on External Collaborations to Drive Innovation
  • Innovation cannot happen independently nor can it occur internally yet so many businesses fail to see this and slowly move towards becoming extinct dinosaurs.
  • Companies that expand their horizons and move quickly to engage with new opportunities will be the ones to succeed in this digital revolution.
  • Learn how BASF has leveraged the greater technology innovation ecosystem and introduced new processes to drive digital supply chain innovation.

BASF Tara Badri Digital Innovation Manager BASF

Voyager Case Study - Working Together to Create Supply Chain Visibility
  • Session Details coming soon…

Voyager Portal Matthew Costello CEO Voyager Portal

Making Petrochemical Supply Chain’s Sustainable - A Case Study from SABIC
  • As the global demand grows for petrochemical products, this session will review strategies for reducing air and water pollution simultaneously with improving your supply chain efficiency.

SABIC Victor Alonso Monteaguado Quality Leader SABIC

PANEL: ‘All Access’ Petrochemicals: Diversity & Inclusion in the Supply Chain Industry
  • From work culture to change management, find out how the biggest companies in the petrochemical supply chain industry are tackling the diversity issue head on.
  • Senior Leaders share their perspectives on the D&I business case in the petrochemical supply chain industry - how far have we come, and how far have we left to go?
  • Our panellists share examples of the competitive advantage of diversity at work - and you’ll learn how to create a cohesive business strategy to improve supplier diversity, that will not only move your business forward, but empower your employees.

XPO Logistics Katrina Liddell Senior Vice President, Sales - NA Transportation XPO Logistics

BASF Josselyn Rosario Director of Supply Chain Performance Chemicals North America BASF

Dow Chemical Kristan Soto Global Integrated Supply Chain End-to-End Director Dow Chemical

Panel - The Future of End-End Visibility in Key Supply Chain Verticals
  • This session will bring together the forward-thinking visibility innovators in rail, trucking and marine. Learn how to get one source of truth for your shipments in each of your critical carrier verticals.

Dupre Logistics Bob Verret CIO Dupre Logistics

FourKites Speaker TBC FourKites

Optimising your Petrochemical Trucking Strategy
  • This panel session will explore the key issues facing the trucking industry - from workforce development to reducing emissions - get the latest insights on how to develop this vertical within your supply chain partner portfolio.

BASF David Jones Group Manager - Domestic Transportation Procurement BASF

Economic Alliance Houston Port Region Chad Burke President Economic Alliance Houston Port Region

How can global shippers elevate the customer delivery experience while optimizing global inventory levels and operational costs?
  • How does data quality impacts customer experience in the petrochemical industry?
  • How can petrochemical companies increase their service levels to clients through a Continuous Delivery Experience?
  • What mechanism reduces operational costs while increasing customer delivery experience?
  • How can petrochemical companies optimize inventory levels through accurate information and data provided through real time visibility?
  • How accurate data/information and predictions in ocean freight support the goal of E2E?

ClearMetal Craig Priest Sales Director ClearMetal

The Future Is Now - UP Supporting Unprecedented Growth In Petrochemical Industry
  • Investing to Support Industry Growth
  • Providing Domestic and Export Optionality
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience with Technology & Fluid Service

Union Pacific Jacque Bendon Vice President - Industrial Union Pacific

A Deep Dive with Petrochemical’s Principle Marine Carriers

This session will explore the key issues facing the marine industry - from tracking at sea to IMO2020 industry impacts - get the latest insights on how to develop this vertical within your supply chain partner portfolio.

Cross-Industry Case Study

Disruptive Supply Chain practices are revolutionising the delivery processes of a wide range of business sectors. In this session, you’ll get the chance to learn from the best in the supply chain business - with world-leading case studies from outside the petrochemical space.

Blockchain Case Study

We all know about Blockchain by now - it purports to offer supply chain transparency and facilitates the tracking of purchase orders, receipts, shipment notifications and more. This session will demonstrate the benefits of blockchain that you can integrate into your supply chain digital strategy right now.

Risk Mitigation and Continuity Management
  • Extreme weather and environmental conditions are not new, but they’re on the up - and they’re expensive to deal with. When a major incident does occur, the impacts on a business can be traumatic and long lasting. It’s therefore critical to build business resilience in the face of these increasing occurrences.
  • This session will focus on how to build your risk prevention practices - to give you a competitive advantage
The New Frontier - New Routes & Infrastructure for your Supply Chain
  • As petrochemical production facilities expand across the US, learn which regions are tipped for supply chain infrastructure growth over the next 5-10 years.
Polyethylene Global Outlook to 2030

Currently the United States is home to around 40% of the global ethane-based petrochemical production capacity, but the production of other nations is catching up. In this session, you’ll get a view on how global petrochemical production capacity distribution is headed over the next decade.

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